Inaugural Post (and how do you like my ballgown?)

It was the best of posts, it was the worst of posts; and probably the truth lay somewhere in between.

Welcome to my blog.  This is what happens when you take an aspiring author–who is avoiding her work-in-progress anyway–and give her the name of a  free website for self-publication.  Cuz let’s be honest now, shall we?  You all have nothing better to do with your lives than watch me figure out this technology.  I know:  bated breath, white-knuckle time; instant goal-motivation-conflict.  Ding ding ding!

(Mini-rant:  Why do we use the term “bated breath”?  Wouldn’t “abated breath” be more appropriate?)

Well stick around folks.  My life might be slightly less exciting than watching your cat cough up a hairball, but this blog’s gonna rock!


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6 thoughts on “Inaugural Post (and how do you like my ballgown?)

  1. Good point, Becke, LOL. Thanks for stopping by. My next task is to learn how to make a hyperlink to this blog, as you did above.

    Oh, to be born in the generation where this stuff is intuitive.

  2. I can program my VCR [not that anyone uses a VCR anymore] but blogging stuff can be a walk uphill. It’s a fun journey though. Can’t wait to join you.

  3. Speaking of *ballgowns* my oldest granddaughter recent grad…( B.Ss.,RN) is getting married in six weeks. I will wear the gown I wore to her mother’s wedding 25 years ago…Had the hem raised to tea length…but most importantly …it still “fits” …can’t believe it!!!

  4. Oh, come join the dark side, mwahaha. I’m blogging another book review this week, which is apparently all I use my blog for these days now that I am on twitter and facebook. >.> (WIP avoidance, no idea what you’re talking about there. . .)

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