Cold and HottieComing August 1st:

What fresh hell is this, mon?

A decade ago, in a messy breakup with the only man she has ever loved, Olivia Prosser behaved badly. She has lived with the consequences since in a decent-if-uninspiring life.

Then upsetting news comes in rapid succession. The company she works for has been purchased; her ex, Finn Wakefield, is her new boss; and she must attend a retreat in Jamaica, supervised by Finn and a half-crazy psychologist. One week filled with forced intimacy and corporate-speak, not to mention memories better left in the past.

A white knight’s armor will rust in salt water.

For years and with ample justification, Finn Wakefield has placed the blame for his breakup with Liv squarely on her shoulders. Then new information comes to light. Not only might Liv be innocent, the party who framed her might be continuing their sabotage from within Wakefield’s newest acquisition.

But Liv shows no interest in righting the wrongs of the past. Is that because she is over Finn? Or because she has reason to protect the saboteur? Either way, he can’t let it go. For the sake of his company and his heart, in the guise of team solidarity, Finn will push for the truth.

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