Mwahahaha: Building the Tart Orchard One Author Interview at a Time

Granada, Spain.

A looong time ago I interviewed a very smart, funny writer who I will refer to as The Bai, because…well, her name is Amy Bai. She let me test the waters as an interviewer and build my confidence. She helped the Tart hone her keen blade of a mind into a laser-like instrument. (I’d say “scary” laser-like instrument, but then we’re talking about me, so duh. Also, this post is slipping into overwriting…)

Then in  January 2010, I used my newfound skillz in an interview with Laura Kinsale — an experience which still makes me dance with delight. 

Fast forward to recent months. In July 2010, MacAllister Stone allowed me to ply her with questions. (At Writer Unboxed – Parts I and II.)

Know what? Mac reminded me I quite like doing interviews. They take a lot of time, given that I’m still on the early part of the learning curve, but it’s amazing to don so many hats with people who intrigue and inspire me. I can play at being a book club member; I can indulge an author crush without being over-the-top stalkery about it; I reap a wealth of information about authorship and industry; and if I do my job, the interviewee might even leave with a fresh appreciation for their own legacy. 

Best of all, I get to share it with you. 

I don’t know why that makes me supremely happy, but it does. So, peeps, today’s post is to introduce you to the upcoming honorary members of Team Tart. More will follow. These are just the earliest victims volunteers:

The “One of These Things is Not Like the Other” Photo Gallery:

Can you spot the author in this group who writes wrenching women’s fiction, rather than the three who craft novels for middle graders? Hee.*

  • So in the next bit, I’ve got some rearranging to do here. I need to sort out my blogroll. (I’ve distinguished between published authors and writing-but-unpublished friends, but happily for all, the lists are commingling and intertwining so that my taxonomy no longer makes sense.)
  • I’ll create a place in the sidebar for upcoming interviews and special events.

In the meantime, despite the saws and hammers, please join me here Monday, September 27, 2010 for my interview with Dee Garretson. It’ll be fun. Dee’s the first person who ran the gauntlet of my stringent interview criteria. She passed with flying colors. Also, there will be citrus.

I’ll leave you with one parting question: If you had the opportunity to interview any writing-related person in the world, who would it be, and why?

*That would be one Kathryn Magendie.


7 thoughts on “Mwahahaha: Building the Tart Orchard One Author Interview at a Time

  1. Great list of upcoming interviews! They are a lot more work–I’ve only done one (Harry Dolan) but it seemed to go really well–readers loved it. And Kathryn was totally my guess, mostly because you asked the question, so I chose the one who looked least likely… I look forward to seeing these!

  2. Looking forward to seeing these. I have no idea on who I’d interview–but I’m glad you asked, because it made me Google some of my favorite authors from childhood, including Zilpha Keatley Snyder, who’s in her 80s and still writing, and E.L. Konigsburg, who gives writers this advice: “Finish. The difference between being a writer and being a person of talent is the discipline it takes to apply the seat of your pants to the seat of your chair and finish. Don’t talk about doing it. Do it. Finish.”

  3. Kat, I have a different picture in mind for your interview, but I get a special kick out of this one. 🙂

    Hart, you know how my mind works — scary. 🙂

    MJ, how neat that one of your idols shares a writing philosophy with you, too.

  4. Hi Jan! Great post. We met at RWA this past July, but I don’t know if you remember me. It’s been a busy couple of months, but I finally got around to checking out your blog. I’ve heard lots of great advice from my idol writer’s in the past few months. Teresa Medeiros told me to start at the top and work my way down. Eloisa James told me about the RWA in the first place, and Christina Dodd likes to share all of her little mistakes she made as a newbie saying that she can’t be the only one who makes them. I feel blessed to know so many talented authors and to have made friends with some unpubbed talented authors as well. Take care!

  5. That’s a good question. I don’t know who I’d like to interview. Have dinner with? Gush my fangirlyness at? Joshilyn Jackson. But INTERVIEW? Completely different. Laurie Halse Anderson, maybe. She’s my favorite YA writer ATM, so smart and brilliant and I’m sure she’d have lots of awesome things to say even if I asked dumb questions.

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