A Charitable Cause

Gentle Reader, can you find it in your heart to help another writer in need? Particularly if your aid doesn’t require a financial transaction?

Before you commit yourself, I should explain.

A few weeks ago, one of my critique partners entered the blogosphere and as her first act, settled on an avatar for her muse. Blog tradition was born.  

And now, come rain or shine, Monday morning sees Dawn hard at work selecting a hunky guy for the week’s inspiration. The problem? She’s running short of candidates.

It goes without saying I’ll do my best to help. Even if I weren’t already hard-wired to ease anothers’ pain, I would make an exception in this case. See, this lady’s going places in the world of fiction. (NYT bestseller’s list, or my middle name isn’t Lea.)  Even if she weren’t, that’s what friends and fellow writers do for one another. Right?

Alas, I am but one person, and not much of a TV watcher at that. My best may fall short of the mark.

So I’m wondering, in the spirit of true writerly charity, may I impose upon you? Pick your collective brains?  Surely between us all, we can come up with a year’s worth of nominees for Dawn’s muse. That’s fifty-two gorgeous men, peeps, preferably of the mature variety (at least twenty-three), in possession of a little chest hair (okay, that’s my kink), and wearing enough clothes that Dawn can relax even if her boss visits her site.

Here are my humble contributions:

1. Daniel CraigDCawards

Yes, I know he’s busy in his role as my Internal Editor, but you know Daniel. (Pardon me. You don’t, but that was unnecessarily cruel of me to point it out.)

He’s an excellent multitasker. 

Witness him juggling two of my three blogging awards. (Oh. I forgot to brag about  announce that my writing friend, Jennifer M Donahue kindly bestowed another on me a few weeks back.)

Although it will involve sacrifice, he is up for the task. 😉



2. Clive Owen

Clive Owen

Clive Owen2Okay. So maybe that second image isn’t strictly necessary to prove Mr. Owen’s muse-worthiness. But there’s something quite thrilling about that intense facial expression, coupled with the symbolism of the booze and the wedding ring. I’m telling you, it’s like his publicity people knew what they were doing when they had this photo taken.



3. Brad Pitt

I’m not going to throw up a graphic for this guy. Everyone and her dog knows what he looks like; most particularly Dawn, who once spent six hours interviewing the man. (If you missed this story,  follow this link and scroll to the comments section.)

4. Matt Bomer

This recommendation is someone new to me. I caught the pilot episode of his new show – White Collar –  Friday night, and I must say hubbah-hubbah! it holds promise. It reminds me a bit of The Thomas Crown Affair, in that it features a charismatic art thief who delights in toying with the FBI. 

Matt Bomer3Matt Bomer 1Matt Bomer2














So those are my nominees, leaving only another 48 for you folks to name. How bout it? Got any muses you want to recommend to Dawn?

ETA: I can’t believe what a complete doofus I am, guys, but there’s another Dawn Ius in the blogging world and I linked to her earlier. I’ve corrected the link now, but it should be: http://dawn-ius.blogspot.com/ Mea culpa! I swear I even checked the link once.

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18 thoughts on “A Charitable Cause

  1. Hope101 – the sacrifices you are willing to make for me are astounding. You’d really share Daniel Craig? I you.

    Interesting you’d think of Brad, since he did make this morning’s list. I’ll keep Clive and Matt in mind for future posts.

    Oh – and yeah, chest hair IS your thing. I’m not fussy. xo

  2. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m fussy; exacting, rather.

    And you are welcome. Now I just have to think of a way to show Donna the same level of generosity. 😉 Heheheh.

  3. Well, for me, it’s Johnny Depp! Love live Jack Sparrow, I say, as it’s because of him I’m published!
    I also like:
    Antonio Banderas, Pierce Brosnan, Either Maxsim or Alec Mazo from Dancing with the Stars, Colin Firth, Helio Castroneves, Keith Urban, Ryan Reynolds, Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman.

  4. Michelle – I agree with you on Johnny. He was a fine muse avatar last week – worthy of a second appearance sometime in the future. And I’m with you on Hugh, Ryan and Keith. Thank you for your – uh – commitment to my cause.

  5. Yeah, Michelle is committed alright. (Bah dah boom.)

    Actually, many of Michelle’s contributions remind me of another personal requirement: piercing or smouldering eyes. Sigh. Both of your DwtS candidates have that in spades, Michelle, as do Messrs Banderas and Brosnan. I approve.

  6. I don’t know how much I can help….My tastes are a little older/fuzzier/grimmier. I like Gerard Butler, though. Especially in 300. Any of the morsels (ahem) I mean Spartans in that movie would do for me. Also Johnny will work. I need to think on this one…Try to picture someone a little tidier than my usual furball of choice. Anyone for UFC fighters?

  7. Donna, SCORE with Gerard Butler – and any of the ABsolutely hot spartans in 300. I have a healthy appreciation for grit, myself.

  8. I agree with most of the above… all worthy hotties – Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp, Clive Owen, Antonio Banderas, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Hugh Jackman, and Gerard Butler especially. But I’d like to humbly add (yes, hot dudes make me split infinitives something awful) a few of my own choices (in no particular order)…

    Nathan Fillion (of Castle and Firefly fame)

    Paul Walker (well, if you’re gonna have Vin Diesel, then…)

    David Boreanaz (of Bones and Angel fame)

    Jeffrey Donovan (of Burn Notice)

    Timothy Olyphant (of Deadwood and tons of movies)

    Karl Urban (of Lord of the Rings and much, much more)

    And, hey, what the heck’s wrong with George Clooney?

    Hope that helps, Dawn!

    P.S. Must they be living muses? ‘Cause some of mine (like Cary Grant and Dean Martin) are long gone. Sniff, sniff.

  9. Laura, some mighty fine choices indeed! Paul Walker completely slipped my mind and I’m a huge fan – anyone who can drive a muscle car like that earns brownie points in my books.

    I’ve a bit of an aversion to George Clooney, but have filed your other choices – including James Dean who is one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever laid eyes on – for future muse candidates.

    It’s obvious you put a lot of thought into this – I’m grateful 🙂

  10. Ooh, some good ones there, Laura!

    You sparked a few more for me:

    Edward Norton *nod nod*
    Josh Duhamel
    Christian Bale
    Daniel Day Lewis (Last of the Mohicans) *sigh*
    And I don’t know why, but John Malkovich in Dangerous Liasons.

  11. hope101 – I am strangely relieved to know I am not alone in my odd attraction to John Makovich in DL. Love, love, LOVE Christian Bale in Batman and agree that Josh and Ed are worthy of consideration. I will need, however, more coercing for Daniel.

  12. Becke, yes! In fact, if I hadn’t been fighting with wonky formatting – which might be a function of me just having switched to Windows 7, which I otherwise adore – I had an image of PB to throw up, just to make that point. Interesting, huh? I wonder if the casting decision was a conscious one.

    Either way, yes, sigh. 😉

  13. You ask me to think and then you put up such pictures? Words failed me. I can only comment today because I skipped the pictures.

    Which, on second thoughts, seems foolish.

    So, good luck deciding, Dawn, but I have to fall into some pictures for a mo! 🙂

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