If You Are What You Eat, I Am Furball…

And these creatures would be the reason why:

Needles:  Needles
This guy’s so photogenic, it’s impossible to take a picture that makes him look anything less than perfect.  If he were human, we think he’d give Clinton on “What Not to Wear” a serious run for his money.  

He’s mercurial by nature – one day he’ll treat you to a tongue bath, the next practically sniff at your arrival – but he earns his keep. 

Every child deserves one animal’s unswerving loyalty, and Needles bestows that honor on my son.  For that I put up with his attitude, his hairballs and the way he sinks his claws into me when he wants to be fed. 


This girl’s my baby.   We adopted her at ten weeks of age, and she almost didn’t make it to eleven.   Turned out she came home with a case of feline distemper and the treatment was going to cost us plenty.  In fact, the vet thought her Pepperchances were so poor he offered us a free replacement kitten and advised euthanasia.  But my daughter looked at me with soft, pleading eyes and…well, the rest, as they say, is now history. 

Pep’s inbred – look at her extra digits – but she’s plenty smart.  After starting off sickly and shy, she now rules the house with an iron paw.   When I sit to watch TV she perches behind me, her tail making me look like a mutant Daniel Boone, and her purr is a deeply-satifying rumble.  

If Chloe were human, she’d probably be named something like Katya.  No matter how hard we work on her diet, she always carries a little something extra around her hips.  She’s wicked smaht, the best mouser of the lot, and Chloerelentless in her quest for food.  In fact, if there were a nuclear disaster and the only life forms left were of the one-celled variety, their life force a mere flicker of existence, Chloe would somehow be there.  She’d be yelling, too, and cheerfully triumphant. 

So that’s the feline portion of my family, and the reason for the dust bunnies I chase not-so-merily around the house.  How about you?   Any cat lovers out there amongst the masses?

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3 thoughts on “If You Are What You Eat, I Am Furball…

  1. I have three (and one is also a Chloe). All three pile up on me to watch a movie, one steals my computer chair each time I get up, and one is a designated foot warmer while I’m at the computer…rough in 90 degree weather.

    Thanks for the photos. It’s nice to meet a fellow cat-lover!

  2. Is your Chloe a tabby too, Laura? And aren’t they funny, how they like to give the impression of snobbish independence, yet manage to be near us in the same room all the time?

  3. No, Chloe and Cookie are both calicos and Tessa is a tortoise shell.
    I think that’s what I like most about cats, their snobbish independence. 🙂 They are endlessly entertaining to watch too.

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