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a human chain of strong bodybuilders temporarily interrupted by the body of a small nerdy man

No time for the picture-intensive post I’d planned for today, old chaps. Sorry ’bout that. Should be ready for Monday. *dusts hands* Shall we clean out the larder, then? That’s right. I’ve been watching some British telly again and I can’t help picking up the accent. Devilish bad habit of mine. Surely you don’t object.)

On the menu are a few links that have been lollygagging around my toolbar, which I’ll remove once they’re passed on to you.

A new acquaintance of mine.
He’s a writer. He’s male. He’s trying his hand at erotic romance and having a rough go of it at times. Since he’s recording his efforts to enter the genre with verve and good humor (sorry, that’d be “humour”), thought I’d put in a good word for him. Check out Dave Thome at  Man Writing a Romance.

Now for the rude bit, for which you’ll need to be eighteen. 

This video’s rather like Glee, except for adults and without the accompanying heavy-handed morality lesson. Don’t quit before the last minute.

Rednecks, anyone? This made me howl and then itch. It’s courtesy of Timothy Power whose a MG writer to keep your eye on. He also has a very fun blogsite that’s kid-safe:

So are those your relatives let loose from the funny farm? Is it bad I’d kinda like to know them?


7 thoughts on “Passin’ on the Funny Link Love

  1. Is my husband considered my relative?

    As you know, the first funny guy, Dave Thome, is my DH, bravely entering the online world. For a man who’s long been convinced his computer is trying to kill him, he’s doing pretty well. There’s been only one incident of violent swearing emanating from the attic, followed by DS providing assistance and then coming downstairs to collapse in laughter. (“He didn’t know how to use Control-V to paste!”)

    Thanks so much for your props, Jan. Even as we speak, Dave is trying to figure out how to add you to his blogroll. And we’re both happy to know you!

  2. MJ, um…I didn’t know about control-V. Honest. :0

    I’d be honored if Dave felt like adding me to his blogroll, but there is zero expectation of that! If he’s just conquering technology, he probably has better use for his time.

    And it’s been my pleasure to “meet” your other half. I knew he’d have to be a cool guy because of you, of course, but it’s nice to have it affirmed.

  3. *dies* Oh those boys and their vag-badger and anal lemmings- BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And the hay bale one was pretty funny, but yeah,… I can’t even wear a wool sweater… part of my nudist motivation is my hatred of being itchy and now I am sitting here squirming…

  4. I’m speechless with laughter! And good for Mr. Thome for taking on the “R” writing! He gets even more points (IMHO) for his choice of sub-genre. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* Speaking of which, didn’t the vag badger, anal lemming skit remind you of Monty Python’s vintage material? It’s probably supposed to, right? Ho11ow M3n–must see more of them!

    Thanks for the laugh, Jan!

  5. Hart, I know. A friend of mine thought it looked like fun but proposed a cat suit to prevent itching. I’m just amazed the guy didn’t lose an important appendage.

    Gabriella, it’s very Monty Pythonish, I agree. And my pleasure. 😀


    and I did go by Dave Thome’s blog and couldn’t stop reading! So funny – love it!

    (I just saw where you have a “subscribe to” thing -yay! I love when blogs I like to visit have those -it takes them directly to my email and reminds me that a new post is up- whoop!)

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