If You Give the Tart an Ultimatum…

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I don’t care for confrontation, but like any other creature run to ground, I will take on my assailant with tooth and fang, and toothy-fang, and citrus. So the other day, when I was offered conditional acceptance by a few of my readers, and an ultimatum, I was crushed.

Never speak of floor wax, you say? Never turn this blog into a haven of domestic engineering tips? The source of videos on designer sushi? Know what I say to that?

Bring it! The Tart loves a challenge. 

Apparently so do a few others. Look what Felix Blumenthaler of Good Lousekeeping has to say about my endeavour:

Below the fold you will find the reason for Mr. Blumenthaler’s excitement:

What say you now, mine Readership? What say you now?

Incidentally, for those of you who don’t know me very well, the alternate title for this post might have been “Falling in Love with Limits.” Although it may seem paradoxical, I often do my best work or have the most fun when I face strict parameters.

How about you? Do you enjoy a challenge? Is your creativity set free by boundaries, or do they tie your brain into epileptic loops?

5 thoughts on “If You Give the Tart an Ultimatum…

  1. Sometimes I like the challenge of boundaries, after I firts go through all the mental anguish of “How could I possibly do this? There’s not enough room! What were they thinking? Hang on a minute–” LOL

    I think my brain likes the challenge of finding its way around the rules that have been put into place. If it has TOO much space to operate, it can’t focus as well (kinda like when I go grocery shopping and there’s too many items so I end up buying all condiments and nothing for a meal. LOL)

  2. I like challenges. I also like to give challenges. I’ve been told that I act challenged sometimes. I don’t think that’s a compliment. ;-D

    Great post, Jan! All joking aside, I really like the way you can take a topic and bring a writing lesson out of it.

  3. Donna, a nickname for my family-of-origin is the condiment family. Is that what that was all about? LOL. I’m a person who likes a ton of context before making a decision. It can be exhausting. Sometimes it helps if people tell you, “Keep the cigar just a cigar,” for instance. 😀

    Teresa, and I like the way even my challenged readers can appreciate that I made a writing lesson out of a magazine mock-up. So there. 😉

  4. I HATE being told what to do, but anybody tells me what I CAN’T DO and they are about to be proven WRONG! (I’d put that in 42 point font if you offered it on your handy comments). What it means is a long habit of reframing things as challenges rather than rules. I guess that is my backward Tartish agreement that LIMITS can actually improve things. I just have to do the self-talk about it right…

    *fistbumps sister tart in the Tart Power handshake*

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