Happy Halloween Linkage

[picapp src=”0089/c08a9256-8e36-427f-9f21-9af9138643f1.jpg?adImageId=7048901&imageId=93086″ width=”338″ height=”505″ /]Every wondered what happened to your milk teeth? Well someone’s already got that covered in this cute and awesome blog I learned about from twitter. Check it out. The link will lead you to a Halloween-themed post.

My Milk Toof Blogspot

Then, if you’re a candy corn lover, yet desire to protect both your waistline and your teeth, have a look at these.

Lastly, check out the pictures on Funny Chix. Here’s a sample:


Have a safe and healthy Halloween. I’m out with two teenaged boys tonight, being dragged from pillar to post, so think of me. And no, I’m not dressing up. My normal appearance is more than scary enough.

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