Introduction to a Special Week

Dear Reader: I have urgent need to correct a few misunderstandings. Last week, as part of ongoing efforts to ensure quality control at this blog, I posed a question to the Twitterverse: “What are the pros and cons of using a post rating system on a website?” Like this:

A straightforward question, yes? Yet the response I received utterly astonished me.

One individual – a regular reader of this blog, I am sorry to say – tweeted back, “Ugh. I don’t think so… You need something else to really get your insecurities going, LOL?”

Smilie by

?!!????…?….!                      ?

I know, I know. That was my first response too.

How could I be so misunderstood, my very essence so…maligned? True, my posts last week might have hinted at hypo-mania. (I believe the words “lunatic ravings of a Tasmanian Devil slathered in itching powder” might have been used.) But that was sleep-lust talking, people. Pure exhaustion.

If you don’t believe me, I tell you what: You try being a mother/poet/jelly-maker/pet-walking vacuum cleaner-cleaner/chauffeur, all on 3-4 hours sleep per night, then write a blog post under those circumstances. Let’s see how judgy you’re feeling then, m’kay?


Hold on.

I am so, so sorry.

It occurs to me those words might come off a smidgeon defensive. So let’s start again, shall we? And let me reassure you I’m uttering the rest of this post in a gentle, kind, kindly-gentle voice.

I blog under the pseudonym “hope”. *spreads hand in appealing gesture* Would anyone who chooses such a noble title for herself be in any way anxious? Paranoid?


Oh-ho! I thought you’d find that to be a knee-slapper too. *insert chortle* (Those of you not laughing in the back, I’m onto you, and don’t forget I have your IP address.)

To be fair, I can’t entirely blame Glinda. She has a good heart.* Her ignorance could only exist in an information vacuum of my own making. Had she been granted better insight into my character, she could never have been led astray.

That’s why I have a special treat for you all. The theme for the week:


Isn’t that fantastic? Smilie by Follow me around for the week; get to know my husband, my family… It’s all Tart, all fun, all the time. 🙂

But that’s for tomorrow. Right now, I’d like to know more about you. Have you ever been as misunderstood as I? As wounded about other people’s misperceptions of you? And since I have no effing idea what to do for two more posts, now that I’ve declared my intentions, any suggestions?


*She’s also a brick to permit this post, the only person to respond to my question, and oh yeah — absolutely right. 😉

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14 thoughts on “Introduction to a Special Week

  1. Do you mean wounded like having your sincere effort to save your friend pain, misery and insecurity misunderstood? Wounded like that?

    I am simply beside myself. I may have an attack of the vapors. No wait! I think I’ll swoon!


    BTW, as part of this “Tartfest,” are you gonna tell us where you find all the pictures of hot guys? I might un-swoon for that one.

  2. “Do you mean wounded like having your sincere effort to save your friend pain, misery and insecurity misunderstood? Wounded like that?”

    Maybe. Smiley

    As for the hot guys, I don’t really pick them myself. I wait for Dawn to pick her hunk muse of the week, then take her left-overs. *ducking*

    BTW, if you want to keep your breakfast down, do NOT Google “sexy men” right now. Do not.

  3. Oh man…

    Do I ever know what you mean! The one thing about facebook for me is worrying about how things I say could be misconstrued. Thank god for little hearts and winky-faces.
    Now if you’ll exscuse me, I have to google “Sexy men” before I have breakfast. 😉

  4. I just want to say, I googled sexy men, and all I found was sexy men! I demand my money back! Er…something.

    Also, I have never ever been misunderstood in my whole life because I’m a writer-type-person who uses highly specific-type word things when I um…do the thing with the thingy. 😀

  5. I’m not cruel enough to show you the result I get that appalls me so. You all are going to have to take my word on the squick factor.

    Bookewymre – love your username, btw – you might not want to hang around here, then. In proximity to the Tart, laser-sharp precision with words tends to become more…fuzziest. I’d hate to corrupt you. 😉

    Jess, the reason you look like an angry pentagon is that you secretly harbor homicidal tendencies in your pointy head. (Look in the mirror right now if you don’t believe me.)

    Seriously, WordPress generates avatars on the basis of your IP address. You want to get rid of your Pentagon? Then you can:
    1. Move
    2. Go to a public library or internet cafe to post, or
    3. Which is *somewhat* easier than 1 or 2, get a Google ID, load it with an image, and when you sign a comment, use your Google ID to do it. That’s how Stephanie manages to look like a be-u-tiful flower when she comments here.

  6. Thanks! I actually saw a picture once of a dragon reading on a pile of books with the caption Bookewyrme, and it tickled me so much I immediately started using it for all my online handles. ^_^

    Oh noes! My things with words in them! You corrupts them! Halp! *grin*

  7. I don’t know what you all are talking about, but I’m Googling “sexy men” right now!!!! 😀

    They better be sexy!!!

  8. I am far less misunderstood with face-to-face conversations since my body language and expression do all the talking when my emotions are involved.

    People often don’t know how to take me if their first encounter with me is strictly through text. I think others have a problem determining 1. if I am being serious 2. when I am musing aloud (or, umm, through text) verses actually speaking directly to them.

    My sense of humor is often misunderstood. People seem to not appreciate the finer points of understated sarcasm with a dash of morbidness. Eh, their loss.

    1. I often have the same problem. If people could only understated how hard you have to work at getting sarcasm with a dash of morbidness *just right*, they’d be a lot more understanding.

  9. Glinda, thanks for the info on the Gravatar site. Does it work any place other than WordPress? For some reason I had trouble accessing that function.

    Jody, are you still googling, lol?

    Skin and Glinda, I’ve often wondered if I should have a standard clause to issue before I speak — or in this case, write. “Unless otherwise specified, the originator of this communication is attempting to be ironic, self-mocking, and humorous. Emphasis on the word “attempting”.

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