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“I Yearn” Versus “She Yearned”: Wrestling with Tense and Point of View — Jan. 2018

Lessons Learned from Ruby Dixon: How to Write Sex Scenes that Readers Can’t and Won’t Skip — Oct. 2017

Deprogramming Caution — Apr. 2017

Stuck on a Writing Goal? Use the Past to See the Way Forward — Jan. 2017

Exploit Your Vulnerabilities to Finally Complete Your Book — Nov. 2016

The Search for the Ultimate Writing Guru — Apr. 2016

When Your Writing Mountain is My Writing Molehill (and Vice Versa) — Mar. 2016

The Prime Minister, Writing, and an Unethical Psychology Experiment  — Jan. 2016

Warning: This Post Contains Sap and We’re Not Talking the Christmas Tree Variety — Dec. 2015

How to Write Through Trout Syndrome and Electric Shocks — Nov. 2015

When Dark Emotions Threaten Your Writing — Oct. 2015

Politics: Infuriating, Inescapable, and a Writer’s Best Friend? — Sept. 2015

Plane Crashes and Writing: Six Sources of Common Ground — Aug. 2015

Bring Out Your Story Scalpels — July 2015

A Call to Pens–Writer as Social Activist — June 2015

Lean Writer, Fat Word Count? Engineering Your Environment for Default Success — May 2015

Confessions of a Serial Non-finisher — Apr. 2015

Navy Commander Rick Campbell Makes Waves by Penning Military Thrillers — Feb. 2015

Should You Set Limits with Your Readers? — Jan. 2015

Minimalism When Writing Fiction — Dec. 2014

Lessons from the UnCon: I Surrender. I’m Finally Ready to Be Naked — Nov. 2014

Deconstructing Micro-Tension — Oct. 2014

Wanted: Grim Reaper as Writing Coach —  Sept. 2014

C-c-considering Cadence: Understanding One Quality of Voice — Aug. 2014

Because Size Matters: McKee’s Four Tips on Writing a Big Story — Jun. 2014

All Hail Dilemmas: Why Your Characters Need to Make Tough Choices — May 2014

Cultivate the Gap and Watch Your Readers’ Eyebrows Bounce — Apr. 2014

There Are No Mwuahaha Villains in the Artistic Life — Mar. 2014

Songs on Surviving the Midlist: from Opera Singer, Circus Performer & Novelist, Gretchen McNeil — Feb. 2014

To the Disconsolate Writer Who Hates Her Pace. — Jan. 2014

What’s a Pantster to Do When They’re Stuck? Go Tell It TO the Mountain. — Dec. 2013

4 Science-Based Resources to Build a Drama-Free Writing Routine — Nov. 2013

Never Go Naked to Scrabble: Authorial Words Containing “BIC”—Sept. 2013

This Mystical Thing Called Branding—Aug. 2013

The Cadaver Wore Text (aka the Case for Plot Dissection)—Jun. 2013

Linguistic Quirks: What Wordbirthing & Name-Nicking Can Do for Fiction—May 2013

4 Horseman of the Relationship Apocalypse: Want Them for Members of Your Writing Community?—April 2013

Flying Fingers or Tapping Toes: Art is Art is Art — Feb. 2013

Solving a First-World Blogging Problem (Stop Feeling Like An Author Wishbone III)—Jan. 2013

Tormented by Toothless Writing Goals? Try These Tools (Dec. 2012)

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Never Go Naked to Scrabble: Authorial Words Containing “WIP” (Sept. 2012)

This Product Prevents Literary Wedgies. Good for Multiple Uses. (Writer’s Emergency Hope Kit, Aug. 2012)

Diagnosis: Storyteller (Jul. 2012)

CORBS: 5 Letters That Can Keep the Drama on the Page and Out of Your Critique Group (Jun. 18, 2012)

31 Authors, 1 Model of a Writers’ Cooperative: Author Tawny Stokes on the Bandit Creek Series (May 21, 2012)

An Open Letter to the Writer Who Just Learned of a Parent’s Illness (Apr. 16, 2012)

Justine Musk on Badassery, Identity, and Writing (Mar. 19, 2012)

How to Restore a Character’s Voice When They Develop Laryngitis (Feb. 20, 2012)

Promopalooza: Tie-Ins, Swag, and Merchandising Opps for the Streetwise Writer (Jan. 2012)

I Prefer My Rubber to Meet the Road (Dec. 2011)

14 Subtle Signs Your OBGYN Might Not Make a Good Critique Partner (Nov. 21, 2011)

INTERVIEW: Keith Cronin — ME AGAIN (Oct. 2011 on Writer Unboxed) Parts I and II

But What about the Quiet Ones? (Sept. 2011)

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100,000 Reasons Why You Probably Can’t Banish Envy (and May Not Want to, if You Write) – May 16,2011

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Manifesto for a Reforming Statistics Junkie (Mar. 21, 2011)

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INTERVIEW: Lisa Brackmann — Part I (Nov. 5, 2010)

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