Thanks Be to Thanksgiving Memes

I’ve been tagged for a meme, and you know what that means. *sigh* Unless I go along with it I will be labelled a party-pooper and meanie, and somewhere in the world, another soul will wink out of existence. So, ten things I am grateful for during American Thanksgiving week – which is not to imply I was any less grateful for them during Canadian Thanksgiving week, but merely Amy Bai had not sunk her claws into me yet. (Note: the even-numbered items must relate to writing.) 

1. My husband — because even though he doesn’t read fiction, and even though he rolls his eyes during the cinematic equivalent of what I write, he still tells me to keep at it. He keeps my computer working, puts up with my Jekyll/Hyde mood changes, and taught me love means far more than pretty words. Sounds funny for a romance writer, but dang it, he’s right on this one.

2. A writing friend of mine just sold a YA fantasy trilogy to HarperCollins. Courtney Allison Moulton, I may hate you because you’re young, beautiful, talented and already recognized by the publishing world, but I still want to be you when I grow up.  🙂

3. My children — because every day you are in my life, no matter how messy your rooms, no matter how hard you are on my pocketbook, you make me laugh and cry and grow.

4. Absolute Write purgatory — this is the first place I found others willing to admit they were driven crazy by words, story, ideals, and the business of publishing. It is the home of boobage, lime green donkey balls, porkchops, relentless forward movement in word count and in developing writerly courage. Love you guys. 


Maya — she’s a gentle-souled giant who came to us with these porcupine scars on her nose. She’s an expert at guilting you into taking her for a walk. Whatever girlie shape I still possess, I owe entirely to her.

Also, if it came to a groaning smack-down with Amy Bai’s Her Dogginess, Maya would so win. 😉

6. My sister — She’ll drive my kids if I need time, listen to me rant, help me work through plot problems in my wip, and she doesn’t even write. (Nor read very much.) LJN, I know you’ve always got my back. You have no idea what that means. I only pray I’ve been half the sister to you that you are to me.

7. This video:

I’ve been in Too Serious mode lately, and this is the perfect antidote. (The Swedish chef cracks me up ever time.)

8. Word processing program and printers — I haven’t forgotten the days of carbon paper and correcting fluid. <shudder>

9. This foolish cup, for several reasons:

a. It’s functional (Because the lid isn’t a screw-top, you can actually remove it and use it for more than a paperweight.)
b. It’s easy to locate because of the God-awful color.
c. Cleaning it is a snap due to its brushed stainless steel interior.
d. I’ve met a ton of people because of its distinctive “design”: women who think it’s pretty (eek!), men who think it’s tacky (I agree), and one teenager in desperate need of a mirror (picture me holding the cup in the 7-11 while she applies mascara).

 10. My critique partners. I am grateful for ALL the people who have helped me grow as a writer over the past few years; there are far too many to mention. But the two I have at present are lion-hearted wonders. They know when to push, and when to support. Then know when to badger me for pages, and when I’m in need of a rest. Dawn and Donna, I’ve grown more with you at my back in the last three months than I did before in years. Getting to know you has been an honor and a privilege. I can’t wait for the day when the world gets a look at your fiction!

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4 thoughts on “Thanks Be to Thanksgiving Memes

  1. I am thankful for you too. Love you Jan!!

    I met you on the jet home from Chicago, and I still think it’s serendipitous karma.

    This is funny and sweet. Four shoore, four shoore! But I’m still in love with Animal. <3<3

  2. What a sweet post, Hope. As always, you rise to the challenge – and exceed it with beautiful writing. I’ll always have your back – just as I know you’ll always be at mine. Good critique partners are hard to find — I wouldn’t change mine for anything. xo

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