The “It’s Up, It’s Up!” Post

blackboard with days of the week schedule

Lo, the heavens did part, the earth did shake, and I actually had a blog post planned for today. Then I learned they put up my winning essay on Writer Unboxed. Tuzki Bunny EmoticonTuzki Bunny Emoticon

Please come join us for Sink Metaphors, Toast Fairies, and Writing. I’d love to see some familiar faces there.

Wednesday I’ll be back here, peeps, and I’ll post the essay that got me into the semi-finals. It’s like…awesome and cool and totally eloquent. Also, I like it enough to share with you guys. 🙂

Friday, it’s back to our normal non-schedule. I have a few thoughts about my kids’ Spring Break which, despite what it might feel like, only ended a week ago. ←Not a complaint; I’m rather fond of what last week brought to my world.

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