Uh-oh. My Dad’s Visiting…

                                                                     A word to the wise:  Cleaning House1If ever you should ask for interest from a Parental Unit, be prepared for a positive response.  My dad is coming over to use my Internet and check out this blog today.  It’s totally making me nervous. 

 Scared Emoticon

I know.  I’m a grownup.  He loves me just the way I am.  But still, at the very least I should fix any leftover typos and grammatical errors.  It’ll be good for me, build my character, and after all, who doesn’t sleep better in a tidy literary house?

<scroll, mouse clicks, spell check, etc.> 

Ack!  Smut!  I forgot about the smut!  What the hell was I thinking when I wrote this post?  For a blog that’s supposed to be all about writing, there’s an awful lot of half-naked hunks in these pages. 

Mind you that’s a very nice photo of Daniel.  Yes, very nice…

But what do I do, now that Dad’s on his way?  Do I want to do anything?  Should I self-censor?   Would I have any actual readers if I just deleted a few pics?

<pant, panic, pant>


“Dad!   Nice to see you!  Come in, come in.”

<expansive gesture> 

“Make yourself at home…  What’s that, about the Internet?  Oh,  sad news, tragic really:  we’ve got a nasty virus.  Had to take the computer in to the Geek Squad.  Guess you’ll have to websurf another time.”

<cross fingers>

” What’s that?  You’ll just go to the library after our visit?  Oh, I should have specified.  I picked up the virus from the WordPress site after they lost my entire blog.  Yes, what a crying shame…”

<pause, cover smile by turning away>

“Coffee?  Tea?  Crumpet?”

Mad Smiley
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4 thoughts on “Uh-oh. My Dad’s Visiting…

  1. I am a Dad, and a fairly old one. I am happy my kids get to have fun being young. I know I did.

    All us old folks preach to be responsible. I am that, and that is good, but the truth is also that we are too old to get in any trouble.


    1. “Too old to get in any trouble” All I can say is, you don’t know my dad. 🙂 (I’m kidding.)

      But I appreciate the moral support. Despite joking about it, I think for most people its harder to perform for loved ones than to an audience of anonymous strangers. That’s certainly true of me.

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