Who’s Got News? This Girl, That’s Who

In the past, when I’ve published a post which says I’ve been quiet because of developments I could now share, I got reactions like these:



“OMG, you finally landed a book deal, right? Right???”

Then I’d feel lucky to have people with so much faith in my fiction, and disappointed I couldn’t validate that belief, and stare mournfully at my computer for a long time, convinced we’d all give up on me long before that day.

Here’s my question to you, o questioners who question: Why change a perfect angsty meme?

Zesties–all three or four of you who don’t already know–I’m delighted to tell you you’re reading the pixels of Writer Unboxed’s newsletter editor. If you’d like to read this post, it explains more. Namely:

  • the why (Kathleen Bolton’s decision to prioritize and her co-delusional belief with Therese Walsh that I’m the person for the job.)
  • the who (meaning that Liz Michalski has agreed to rescue me from myself by anchoring the Q & A section)
  • the when (first issue under my “care” to launch as soon as Therese Walsh unbreaks their template. #whoops.)

Further, we’re having a Newsletter-Naming contest with bragging rights and a small prize, so if you’re creatively inclined, do participate. (Newsletter signups are here, if you’re interested.)

I have more delightful things to say, but unfortunately I left them behind when I borked the newsletter template. (See the co-delusional reference above.) More when I locate my leaking brain matter.

What’s new with you?

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18 thoughts on “Who’s Got News? This Girl, That’s Who

  1. In spite of your ongoing torment, I’m still delighted by it all, Boss (and I think the effect you’ve created on me and the mamas is more like enchantment than delusion). Thanks for reminding me to go check out the crop of names for the contest. Congrats, Jan!

    1. Thank you, Vaughn. One of the nice things about this gig is that I get to work with you in yet another venue.

      Why does this remind me of the Monty Python line “I’m not dead yet”?

  2. Jeez, Jan–I am laughing so hard right now. You’re definitely the right “new mama” for the job. No doubt your sharp wit will keep our favorite writerly newsletter at the cutting edge. Congrats and thank you.

    1. Thanks, D, although I’ll remind you the newsletter job is to become invisible so as to let the other people shine. Wit doesn’t matter so much as the ability to NOT KILL TEMPLATES.

      (Can you tell I’m a wee bit upset about this?)

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