Writer Unboxed Redirect and Miscellany

It's been a while since I posted gratuitous Hugh Jackman. My humblest apologies.

I hereby convene a meeting of Slackers Anonymous, of which I am a founding and lifelong member. We’ll begin with a pep talk on Writer Unboxed: Home via Procrastination Central.

Don’t worry if you come late. We’re used to that.

While I have you, two brief announcements:

1. Tomorrow I have an interview and giveaway here! With Teresa Frohock! There will be dark fantasy! (No cake,  because I forgot to order one.*)

2. I am on the Google 1+. I don’t know what I’m doing there, but if you can tolerate a certain amount of bumbling and wish to connect, please do.

*See Slackers Anonymous reference above.

2 thoughts on “Writer Unboxed Redirect and Miscellany

  1. Jan,

    Thanks for this timely post that seemed to be directed at me–a lapsed disciple of the BIC (butt in chair) school of writing. But then I saw that photo of Hugh Jackman and was drawn into a placid state of inactivity—ahhh the sweet misery of conflcting priorities.


  2. Kimberly: Let’s try to think about this strategically. How about a 45-minute writing sprint followed by a 15-minute Hugh Jackman drool? I’ll try it and report back. 😉

    And thank you. Very glad if you enjoyed the post!

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