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Cold and Hottie
She’s being sent to Jamaica for a team-building exercise. It will be led by a crazed psychologist and the man she done wrong…who is now her boss.


A decade ago, in a messy breakup with the only man she has ever loved, Olivia Prosser behaved badly. She has lived with the consequences since.

Then bad news comes in rapid succession: the company she works for has been purchased; her ex, Finn, is her new employer; and she’ll be reconnecting with him during a mandatory retreat in Jamaica. Five days filled with forced emotional intimacy and corporate-speak, not to mention memories better left in the past.

A white knight’s armor will rust in salt water.

For years, Finn Wakefield has known who to blame for his breakup with Liv. Then new information comes to light. Liv might be innocent, and the party who framed her might be lodged within Finn’s company, continuing their acts of sabotage.

But Liv shows no interest in righting the wrongs of the past. Is that for ominous reasons or because she is over Finn? Either way, for the sake of his company, Finn must push for the truth — even if the cost is a twice-broken heart.

Cold and Hottie was previously published as part of the Tropical Tryst box set, which became a #1 international bestselling ebook anthology (Aug. 1/17). See why readers call it “…a delicious page-turner set in an exotic setting.”

What Readers Are Saying

…a very good story about forgiveness and letting go.

…just the right amount of pain and tension, humour and fun and of course romance.

…contains suspense, deceit, drama, action, humor, loyalty, cunning, a smart and strong heroine with a rocky but steamy romance all culminating in a happy ending.

…a delicious page-turner set in an exotic setting.

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