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Writing can be a lonely profession plagued by blind stumbles, writer’s block, and despair–but it doesn’t have to be. Written by members of the popular Writer Unboxed website, Author in Progress is filled with practical, candid essays to help you reach the next rung on the publishing ladder. By tracking your creative journey from first draft to completion and beyond, you can improve your craft, find your community, and overcome the mental barriers that stand in the way of success.

Author in Progress is the perfect no-nonsense guide for excelling at every step of the novel-writing process, from setting goals, researching, and drafting to giving and receiving critiques, polishing prose, and seeking publication.

Featuring essays by best-selling authors, editors, and industry leaders.

“Nourishment for the writer’s soul and motivation for the writer’s heart.” – James Scott Bell, bestselling author and writing instructor

Jan’s note: As the former, long-running Voice of the Unpublished Writer, I had the honor of writing a chapter for Part 6 called The Health and Maintenance of Writers: What You Need to Know to Stay You for as Long as You Are Able. (Hint: there’s even a hidden webpage on Writer Unboxed with supplemental and supportive material for the health tips that can help anyone, not only writers!)

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