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Boy Holding Sandwich

Another odds and ends post, brought to you by our sponsor: Hope’s scattered mind.

First, Frank would like you to know that sandwiches taste infinitely superior when cut into triangles rather than squares. However, even squares beat pure, uncut bread. If you disagree, he’d like to see you disprove his theory with a gummy bear war. Winner eats all.

Second, I probably should explain what happened here last Monday when my blog asploded. For whatever reason — probably selection by lottery — my post on British humour was picked up by WordPress for its homepage for that one day. Hence a hit rate that was ten times my normal number. To all the newcomers who stuck, welcome! And to those of you who are regular readers, thanks for hanging on for a bit of a wild ride. 😎

Next, a few links I’ve been meaning to post for a while. Have you seen that calendar called Porn for Women? It features a bunch of dopey looking guys doing housework, and they say things like, “Gee, honey, I like being completely emasculated and oppressed by domestic servitude. Can’t imagine why you’ve had an issue with it all these years.”

Okay, that’s a complete lie. They’re actually kind of cute even though they make me squirm when I imagine what the ToolMaster would think about them. Or what I’d think of them if the tables were turned and not set with china, candles and flowers by men wearing aprons; but by myself, after years of oppression and domestic servitude. (Ha! Like that’s ever gonna happen. 😉 )

Here’s one example:

And another:

Well yesterday, courtesy of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, I found out about a hoot of a website. It’s wicked smaht, funny, and they are kind enough to allow people to embed their comics. On their site, when you hold your mouse over the comic strip, pop-ups appear. In this instance it says “Yes, there are a lot of longing looks across the bridge of Galactica first, but that’s the beside the point!”

The reason I’m telling your about them right now is their recent strip  is connected to the Porn for Women photos above.


Hee. Since I like geek humour, I’ve put it in my sidebar in the Emergency Laughs section for easy access.

Last, a cute parody of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Dangerous Minds.

Otherwise, on the improved-fitness meme, I continue to walk, and the moment I stopped being stiff from resistance workout #1 (the soreness did get worse the next day), I did workout #2. The human body amazes me with its resilience. I’m already stronger and can see some very early muscle definition. (When I say “early” I’m not joking, but still.)

How is everybody else doing? Have you made even the smallest of health changes you want to celebrate here?

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11 thoughts on “Fun Links and Hijinks

  1. Congrats on getting picked up by the WordPress homepage for a day! That’s a big deal. I hope a lot of the traffic sticks.

    The comic didn’t load in my browser. I’m checking back on it later, though, because you’ve piqued my interest.

    And since you asked – I have made a small health change. Got acupuncture last night & am feeling great. Now time for that mocha…

  2. Kirsten, thank you. What’s kind of neat is that WordPress even browses for articles. I hadn’t realized they did that.

    Please do let me know if you can’t see that comic. I’m using Windows 7, and neither it nor my iPhone have problems.

    Gratz on the post-accupuncture high. I know a lot of people who swear by it. 🙂

    1. HAHAHAHA! It worked this time. That’s been my gripe with that porn for women all along. Especially the cleaning ones. Why would my husband doing the bare minimum turn me on? LOL!

  3. I’ll disagree with Frank ONLY to instigate a gummy bear war. Gummy bears have been known to fuel Genius Mode – I’m not apt to lose 🙂

    Kudos on the second strength-training workout. I opted not to ride in the rain today and will succumb to Body Rock torture instead. Variety, the spice of life, no?

  4. Dawn, that match might be a close one. You have writerly urges on your side, he has the ravening hunger of teenagehood. 😉 And from the sounds of it Body Rock…rocks. Kudos to you for your fitness regime.

  5. Yeah, I agree with the comic much more than with the postcards. I showed the postcards to my husband, who got a perplexed “Huh? This is porn?” look on his face. He understood the comic right away, LOL!

    And as for the f-word. Not really rude, just…. colorful. When I studied the history of the English language in college, we learned that the word is cognate accross the Indo-European family of languages. Try using that excuse the next time you slip and drop the f-bomb…. 🙂

  6. I have to say that I think sandwhiches taste much better cut into triangles. I have that habit of cutting everybody’s sandwhiches into trianges. (Even manly men have had my cute triangle sanwhiches…lol) Don’t even get me started on how I love to cut homemade hamburgers in half! I must have two halves perfectly cut. LOL

    I guess after reading the above comment you’d believe it when I said, I have never seen porn for women. Hmmmmm, sounds interestng! 😀

    Hope, congratulations, on keeping your goal with your strength training. I have been continuing to put in my running mileage, but that’s more of an addiction of mine. I have yet to pop a DVD in and get started on my five day a week workout. I told you I am bad!! So unmotivated for any other type of workout than my usual crazy running schedule.

    Monday will be upon us again……Monday, Monday, Monday!!! Yep, on Monday I’m going to get those DVDs out!! LOL

  7. Glinda, my husband preferred the comic as well. I’m not really offended by the F-bomb myself, although I know many who are. 😉

    Jody, I have been known to quarter hamburgers myself. 🙂 Maybe Frank is just showing off his genetics? As for the tapes, you don’t have to wait for Monday to start, you know… 😉

    thmafi, thanks so much! Appreciate you stopping by.

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