Incoherent Friday









I simply do not have it in me to write a coherent post this morning, so despite having some awesome ideas, today will be one of random observation. Feel free to join in when I’m done.

1. Decaffeinated green tea tastes remarkably like grass clippings.

2.  Hope likes writing about herself in third person. She also enjoys cave-man speak, which is Hilary’s noted mode of silliness. Hence the accurate statement, “Hope cranky.”

3.  I’ve thought about changing my author’s name here to my real one, but there’s really no point. My last name is apostropheed, which is an anathema to Google searches. So until I settle on a pen name that will work in the publishing world, it seems we’re all stuck with hope101. Sorry.

4. When you put the words “sexy man” in any blog post, you’re automatically ensuring the spammers will seek it out. I can therefore be certain this post will register as one of my most popular, immediately behind Dirty, Sexy Pipelines. (If you haven’t read it, why not? It’s one of my better posts, and a super title, if I say so myself.)

6. I just missed listing #5, but some of you are so enamored with my voice that you will not have noticed. Your number will not include one of my critique partners. In three short weeks she has already earned the title “Grammar Nazi”, of which I’m convinced she’s secretly proud. So don’t go trying to undermine her authority, guys. In addition to her fascist ways, she deals with contrary people by throwing them under the bus. 

7. It’s wonderful to have a critique partner who possesses a sense of humor, rather than a handgun. (No, she’s not American.)

8. On random posting day, you will never know if I’m being ironic. 😉

9. Holy crap! The process of being silly once again in a blog post has completely turned my mood around. I’m going to have to make a habit of this.

10. (Which is really #9, but none of us are counting because we’re being silly):

 Having ensured this post will be sought out by the p*orn bots, why don’t we give them something to look at? Edward, you’re looking at your future:


Now it’s your turn. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Incoherent Friday

  1. You are going to get some strange visitors with this one! You are just begging for the stooges to return and taunt you mercilessly! Silly Tart!

    *in most guttural of cave man voice* TART CRAZY!

    ‘nough said!!

    xoxo — Hilary

  2. I laughed out loud about your oblique reference and thought you should consider sending the picture to Donna, who might get away with “winged sex scenes” if she portrayed the image on your blog.

  3. Dear God, now that you’ve given me sparkling wings to match my gorgeous eyes, can you please give me a girlfriend who puts out a bit more… yeah, she smells great, but I’ve got other needs… wait a second, can vamps even, well, you know… regarding the whole blood flow thing… seems kind of difficult to consummate … dammit, I’m just gonna have to keep smelling her.

    Or perhaps he’s praying for a replacement (and, nope, I’m not talking about a replacement girlfriend — my head is lodge, quit firmly, in the gutter ;))

    1. For a minute I didn’t believe the state you have claimed for your own. Then I noticed the word “friggin”. Yeah, you’re Texan, alright. Ma’am, you may not have a gun, but you sure got the attitude. 🙂

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