Three Huzzahs from Tartitude

Woman Wrapped in Blanket and Holding Hot Drink

Yes, those are violins you hear in the background, and they do play for me alone. Alas, they were not sent by a bold lover as a gesture of courtship. They did not come with delivery of a dozen pincherry trees. (Because I’ve never been one for cut flowers when a berry-yielding tree can be bought for the same price.) They do not play Vivaldi.

That is to say, my cold is still wreaking havoc and it’s all I can do to refrain from whining. What better time to recap a few treasures I discovered this week that penetrated my glooming doom?

1. Many of us dream that we’ll write something to earn the admiration of an agent, then editor, then a reading public. If/when that happens, I think it would be hard to top this welcome-to-your-publishing home letter, penned to Kim Richardson by her new editor, Ms. Price. I defy you to read it and then not be sniffly.

Congratulations, Kim! You fought long and hard for your dream, and if there were ever a person more deserving of this letter, I can’t imagine who it would be.


2. This link’s courtesy of Donna Cummings, and already has a place in my sidebar under my “Hope” section. I don’t recall seeing a more consistent column about the spiritual aspect of writing. Book mark it for a rainy day.

3. Last, a Youtube video. As said in the comments, if a person believes in heaven, this is probably what it sounds like.


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  1. Thanks, Jan, for including me in this amazing group. I’m glad you like Mr. Kenower’s blog — I am inspired by every single post, and he manages to do it DAILY. LOL I’m lucky to have that kind of insight once or twice a month!

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