A Minute New York City Post

I’m landing at La Guardia tonight, ready to brave the Big Apple. Yes, there will be Crocs.

Thankfully, a few peeps in the writing community have assured me that my foot health is more important than fashion, so I’m over that source of anxiety and onto a different batch of neuroses. (Oh, the fun — it never ends.) At the top of my list is how I’m going to go through customs, security and boarding in the 75 minutes I allotted myself, thinking I went through customs at this end of the journey and not when I transferred.


RWA Nationals don’t begin until Tuesday so I’ll have a few days to take in the sights and connect with friends. No blog posts until I return.

Try to maintain calm during  my absence, okay? No shaving the cat. No decorating with sand. No claiming the newly finished basement room for your man cave just because I’m not there to negotiate.

Be well, peeps. I hope you have a little fun of your own.




5 thoughts on “A Minute New York City Post

  1. Have a blast, Jan! Oh, and I wish you lots of valuable education, insight, newfound resources, and meanful connections in the Big Apple. Don’t worry about the rest of us. *whistling nonchalantly as he sweeps up the sand in his former man-cave*

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