An Act of Total Selflessness That Is Completely Typical of Me

By all that is holy, do NOT–I repeat, do NOT, google “sexy man with chest hair”.  I have already done that task for you and have the empty bottle of eye bleach to prove it. 

But you asked, and I aim to deliver, so without further ado, courtesy of

I would have something intelligent and pithy to add, but it has been a hard day in the Hope household.  While I am recovering, feel free to speculate on what the “A” stands for.

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11 thoughts on “An Act of Total Selflessness That Is Completely Typical of Me

  1. the next option on the poll should read ‘do you do things that people tell you not to do’, because you know that tonight instead of typing my 100 words I’ll be doing a search for …. j/k:)

  2. Oh, man. *fans self* Thanks for fueling my fantasies. 🙂 There’s nothing sexier than a well-cut man with masculinity on his chest. Better than a bald-chested baby man, IMO. Hairless chests are squicky.

  3. Uh-uh, Stephanie. No slackers! Consider this your inspiration.

    Okay, Amy you just answered my question: A = adultery. Cuz that’s MY husban’ you done claimed fer yerself.

    Amy, Karen–you’re welcome. And I must say my online search proved enlightening. Who knew that the Hairy-Chested Nut-Scratcher was an endangered species?

  4. Welcome to the Chest Club. Rosie, my friend and critique partner, initiated me into this club. Whenever either of us is down, suffering from Imposter Syndrome or other head-banging problems, we send each other a picture like this. My husband shakes his head, but can’t really complain — I know why he watches Ghost Whisperer, after all, and it has nothing to do with the ghosts!

  5. holy schmokies! just think what i’ve been missing!! and I did follow the clicks that becke posted. thank you very much. my upromise toolbar also let me know that i could save 3% buying books at barnes and noble. wasn’t that nice. i could have these men delivered to my door and it would be 3% cheaper than if i ordered from amazon. i might just need a little more retail therapy later on.

  6. Stephanie, those Erin McCarthy books are actually really good. But, honestly, I never do this but in this case — I would have bought them just for the covers. (Don’t hate me because I’m shallow.)

    Haven’t ordered the Captain one – it’s not male/female romance. But, day-um, that is one hot cover.

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