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The ToolMaster™ does not lollygag. Nor is he a beer-in-hand, football-on-TV kind of guy. His preference is to remain busy and productive even when at home. What can I say? I know I married a special man.

So a few weeks ago, when he had finished his latest project and looked for inspiration, I suggested he build us a fitness room in the basement. I swear, not an hour had passed before he had a crude floor plan drawn up, his wallet in hand, and a sparkle in his eye only glimpsed otherwise when–

Well, you know. He is rather fond of his creative impulses.

However, as projects are wont to do, this one has since morphed into one more complex than proposed. I’m not just getting a fitness room, peeps. I’m getting an entire basement. Thusly, please to observe our developing furnace room.

Can you spot the error that makes this a #FamilyFail foto?

See that box-like object just behind the pail? Notice that it’s hemmed in by several-hundred pounds of of drywall and framing, two furnaces and a hot water heater?

Yup.  That’s a homemade toy box, and there’ no way that sucker’s coming out without being disassembled. Know what the funniest part of this is? When I hauled out my iPhone and suggested I’d take a picture for Tartitude, The ToolMaster’s face almost split with his grin. He wanted me to show you. 

My, how the family reaction to me blogging has shifted. 😉

As far as construction errors go, this one’s pretty minor. I think the kids and I only had to cover our ears a few times, so as not to have our sensibilities offended.

How about you? Any near misses or similar ConstrutionFails  to share?

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15 thoughts on “ConstructionFail

  1. Constructionfails? OMG! I could write a book. We have had bad contractor karma, for sure…. And that’s all I want to say about that!

    So, is the Toolmaster ready to start suggesting blog entries? Or is that coming next?

  2. Glinda, LOL, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Even so, the requests have begun to line up from others. You know Molly’s going to want to have her grad photos here, right?

  3. Ooh, I have one – the time I didn’t realize that there was a certain *alignment* to the toilet flange before I glued it in place…

    Dad and I sat there with the dremel tool making new holes for a good half-hour. Only later did we learn they sell something at the hardware store to compensate for people with my special brand of spatial cluelessness 🙂

  4. I am not a construction kind of gal. I would make Tim the Tool Man Taylor look like a special kind of genius. Which means I couldn’t see ANY fail in that pic. LOL

  5. Glinda, I have pictures of Frank in his Chaotic tournaments, although he’s not yet ready to have them go up. I assure you, he’s cute.

    Rebecca, I guess that’s a “measure twice, glue once” lesson. 😉 Nice Dad.

    Donna, hee. The sad part is, while P and I maneuvered the wall into place, I looked at the laundry basket and thought, “I wonder if I should move that beforehand… Nah.” Never even thought about the box.

    Bryn, I knew you had bruising, but I didn’t realize you’d actually broken it. Yikes! Where were the photos?

  6. I love that it’s so easy to document the crazy things in our lives.

    Although it also kind of terrifies me that it’s so easy to document the crazy things in our lives. LOL

  7. Dear The Tart,

    Our hubs are two peas in a pod! My husband, Eric, just finished our basement and it’s amazing! I thought our house was nice, but now I’m moving into the basement–tres awesome!

    It will be noisy and dusty from time to time, but when it’s all finished you will be so happy and hub will be so happy he made you proud!!!

    xoxo — Hilary

  8. Quite honestly I’m not sure why I read this blog. It’s funny, sure, but you talk about things that dont make sence to me.

    DIY, GYMN… Nope, Nothing!

    Great blog.

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