Death by Family Photo Album

What a weekend, peeps. It’s been fantastic and enjoyable, but so much happened in a circumscribed few days my mind still reels from it all.

For starters, the ToolMaster had a milestone birthday, which we could only recognize briefly because of other events. We gave him the books FU, Penguin (Telling Cute Animals What’s What) based on the blog by the same name and Sh*t My Dad Says, based on the Twitterer by the same name.

If nothing else, this should inform you that an on-line presence earns some genuinely funny people both book deals and readers.

Then the poor guy spent a chunk of his birthday out getting me the pink azaleas to the left, and the card to the right. The latter made me laugh because he and Frank began the inscription with “Happy Moo-thers Day.” See? Love of word-play is an O’Hara family trait.

P spent the rest of his day alone as Frank had his head buried in Catching Fire, and Molly and I were at the hairdresser. I’d say the results were worth it, though, even if we barely made it on time to the informal photo shoot she had arranged with her friends.

Here’s my beauty in all her glory just before her formal graduation banquet. (She said I’m allowed to show her pictures and brag.)

And one more, just because it’s not every day my eldest graduates high school and reduces me to the sniffles.

I have another, oh, two hundred shots I could show you, including some gorgeous views of her back, but most involve other individuals; I won’t do that to them without permission.

Also, I feel like I’ve brought you close to the death-by-family-photo-album edge as it is. 😉

So that was my weekend? How was yours? Were you spoiled in any way? If you don’t have children of your own, did you connect with your own mother? A mother of your heart? Or do you eschew all things to do with Mothers Day?

(The snowball is from the remnants of last week’s storm. In Alberta, snow in May isn’t unusual. In fact, the only month I don’t recall it ever snowing is July. Yes, I’m aware I just tempted fate with that pronouncement.)

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17 thoughts on “Death by Family Photo Album

  1. You must be so proud of her. From all you say, she sounds like a wonderful person. The “beautiful” part is self-evident.

  2. Thanks, all.

    Yes, kellion, she has many, many character qualities I admire, not the least of which is her courage and kindness. She’s going to make an awesome nurse.

    Sue, yes, we had a snowstorm last week and had a few inches on the grass up until Friday, when the sun finally emerged. That pile is what remains from the plowing near our Legislature, where these pictures were taken.

  3. She’s beautiful! Love the dress and hair!

    And yes, good old Alberta where you can pose for graduation pictures with a backdrop of genuine snow…

  4. Nice snowy graduation! I love that your daughter is apparently a smart alec, too *snicker* She looks GORGEOUS! Happy belated to the tool man, and happy graduation to your tartlet!

  5. Eek, yes, a happy belated Mothers Day to all of you too!

    Thank you all for the kind words about my daughter. You happen to see the same things in her I do, so that’s pretty fabulous. 😉

  6. What a delightful young woman! Of course, how could she be anything but delightful, with YOU as her mom. 🙂

    I laughed at your “tempting fate” about snow in July. It has been SO warm here lately, I got brave and shut off the furnaces for the season. Naturally we had a frost warning last night. LOL I hope Mother Nature is done teasing us.

  7. Thanks, guys. When she gets back from work I’m certain she’ll read these comments and glow.

    Donna C, we had a few days so warm I turned on the AC; your cold front is likely my fault. 😉

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