Eleven Embarrassing Things about Me

[picapp src=”0285/c3e054a1-bdc8-4d1c-af1e-51ad2e38f693.jpg?adImageId=6720809&imageId=288889″ width=”234″ height=”331″ /]1. My favorite winter pyjamas are made of pink fleece and decorated with skiing polar bears.

2. I loved Neil Diamond well before Glee reminded the rest of you he made cool music. (Longfellow’s Serenade = swoon)

3. When I was a kid, my aunt—an art-lover—hung a painting in her hallway. Its acrylic paint had been applied so thickly it hung in mini icicles. Each time I went to the washroom, I broke off one or two. It wasn’t because I was inherently destructive or bore her a grudge; I simply loved the pop and the sensation.

4. After years of guilt about #3 I came clean to my aunt. She forgave me with a merry laugh and a wave of her hand. As it turned out, she hadn’t even noticed. But because my absolution felt unearned, I forgot I’d told her all and confessed a second time a year later.

5. There are days I’m so indecisive I can’t settle on a crop arrangement in Farmville.

6. I don’t separate my clothes before laundry, except to pick out the delicates and whites.

7. I have no intention of changing #6. :p

8. There is paperwork on my desk I’ve been avoiding since 2001.

9. One of my favorite songs is The Hungry Years by Neil Sedaka. If I’m in the right mood when I listen to it, I cry.

10. I’m not generally a person who covets things. (Well, beyond books, music and one loooong night with Daniel Craig.) But I want one of those bubble icons to denote my comment list with disproportionate fervour. In fact, I wasted an entire week of writing time to learn CSS, just so I could bastardize another WordPress theme for that purpose. Worse, my only regret is that it didn’t work.

11. In my grade seven French class there were two other girls with the same first name as me, and one with the last initial. The teacher called one Janice S, and the other Janice F. Whereas me? For three whole years I was cursed with the name “Mimi”. I didn’t have even enough guts to protest.

How about you? In honor of the week before Halloween, any skeletons in your closet you care to air before friends? Smilie by GreenSmilies.com Smilie by GreenSmilies.com

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20 thoughts on “Eleven Embarrassing Things about Me

  1. Number 3. is my favorite! My son does stuff like that. He is not trying to be destructive, like you, he just wants to see what happens and if he likes what happens he’ll do it again.

    BTW: There is nothing embarrassing about you!! (Barring the healthy eating of course!) 😉

    xoxo — Hilary

  2. Donna, LOL, I had the radio on as I drove home from Calgary last night. Three hours of R and B that got to me after a while. I didn’t even realize my shoulders were up around my ears until a Gordon Lightfoot song came on and they descended. “Carefree Highway”. Sigh. 🙂

    Hilary, but is your son eleven? See? I didn’t think so. I’m still embarrassed, but thanks for trying. 😉

    Michelle, my husband loves ABBA. I never figured you for a reality TV fan. Yeah. You have the right to feel mortified. 😉

    1. Ah. I do approve of those piercing eyes… Maybe I should check the show out. I’m sure I’d appreciate it for the writing. 😉

      Wrt the age stuff, I know what you mean. One of my critique partners *cough Dawn cough* put a hunk picture on her blog for Muse Monday. I tried to indicate our solidarity by making a “woo baby!” comment, but I couldn’t. He was just so fresh-faced.

  3. Laura, I firmly (acceptable “ly” word) approve of your crush on Matt Bomer and may be inspired to watch the show.

    hope101…I know, I should pick older guys for my Monday Muse, but you’ve already claimed one of the sexiest older men for your Internal Editor avatar. I’ll keep looking. It’s a tough job, but I’m up for the challenge.

  4. Okay, those are some pretty embarassing acknowledgements. LOL How did you come up with more stuff when you started out with Neil Diamond!! I think that shows how talented and creative you truly are.

    Before I think of anything about myself I’ll say that I’m with you on #6 – except I call my clothes ‘hard’ or ‘soft’. If they are ‘hard’ they can go with anything. These are sheets, towels, jeans, t-shirts, etc. ‘Soft’ clothes might need a bit of extra attention – like whites or things that will stain other clothes. Other than that I don’t buy high maintenance clothes!

    In my own personal embarassing/ geekdom/ dork/ column I’ll say that I spent over 10 years of my young life marching in a fife an drum corps. And not only that, for 7 years I was Fife Captain. We wore colonial reproduction uniforms, made of polyester, but I learned a lot about history and saw a good bit of the US and a little bit of Canada.

  5. Dawn, as long as there is no touching involved, you are welcome to borrow DC for your blog. I wouldn’t do that for just anyone, but you are my crit partner, after all. 🙂

    Steph, I didn’t know you were a band geek. Neat! Do you have pictures? As for coming up with more embarrassing things after Neil Diamond, it became difficult to restrict myself to only eleven. Such is my life. 😉

  6. I like to run around the house in nightgowns, when no one except family is around (of course!). My kids have a name for this phenomenon: “No-Pants Mama.” That’s embarrassing enough — I’m not going to go for the whole eleven.

    But as to you #11 — how do you think I ended up with “Becke?” Becky R., Becky T. and Becky V., that’s how — not only were there three Becky’s, but we always ended up sitting by each other alphabetically. We all changed our name spelling in freshman English class, but I’m the only one who kept it (unlike Becci and Beckie, who changed back later).

  7. Dawn, that’s me—always thinking of others. 😉

    Anya (Becke), I didn’t know you picked your name’s spelling yourself. So were you a Rebecca before, or a Becky? And LOL about No-Pants Mama.

  8. Brave Hope!

    It is impossible for me to read the last page of “The Polar Express” aloud. No matter how much steam I’ve built up heading into the final pages, I start crying when I get to that page (*sniff* just typing this). Our kids would listen to me read, then one of them would take over for the final page.

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