Er…Blog Award Part Deux?

Apologies, peeps. I guess yesterday’s award didn’t display in all venues. 

I did a reload, but in case it’s a conflict between the gallery at the top of the post and lower images, here’s a backup copy.

Please ignore the above smiley. I don’t know how it crept in. We all know smiley-usage denotes a lack of professionalism in the blogger, and deep-seated insecurity about their chops. Otherwise, why bribe their readership with what amounts to pointless flash and sizzle? 

My heartfelt thanks again to the One Citrusy Blogger recipients.

3 thoughts on “Er…Blog Award Part Deux?

  1. Ha! Got it! FYI, your reload worked on the next post, too, so I think it was just specific to that link… no clue how links go bad… perhaps they think truancy will make like more exciting. I LOVE it, though! Fabulous!

  2. Hi Jan
    I run an interview feature and have just had Kathryn Magendie on the show.
    Kat has recommended you for The Sunday Roast and I would be honoured if you featured.
    I would be delighted to send all the details but meanwhile you can see Kat’s interview (if you wish) here,

    There are almost 140 interviews in the series and many top rate bloggers feature.
    I have chronicled them all. My predessessor, David McMahon originated the column.

    We all have a lot of fun doing the show.

    My very best wishes
    Eddie Bluelights
    (I used to be an ambulance man – hence the name)

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