Five Things Full of Win – Including an Update on My Barista and Teresa Frohock’s News

chocolate-coffee cupcakes with mocha ganache and mascarpone cream

1. I am having coffee with my mother when this post goes live. We will do this thing akin to the Chipmunks on TV:

“My treat. You paid last time.”

“No, you paid last time. I’ll get this.”

After five minutes and three eyerolls from the counter clerk, we’ll agree to go Dutch so we don’t have to keep score. We’ll have a nice visit.

On the way out we’ll pass the display case and I’ll forget about our pattern and admire a thermal cup, or something comparable. She’ll offer to buy it for me, except I’ve already noticed her noticing the holiday teas. 

As my kids would say, “Second verse, same as the first.”

2. Speaking of coffee and minor miracles, it happened already. Velma smiled at me. 🙂 I went later than normal to the food court, and waited my turn while she served a number of customers who spoke her language. Perhaps they had primed the pump; I can’t really know. I still wouldn’t describe her manner as remotely relaxed, but she smiled at me, peeps. She smiled!

3. In case you missed it, writing buddy and all-round nice person Teresa Frohock has a book deal for her first novel, the dark fantasy entitled Miserere: An Autumn Tale. (Details here.) I heart Teresa so much I’m already pondering how I’ll interview her with my disability: See, I’m a chicken. I’ll have to read her book while peeping between my fingers.

Congratulations, T!!! 

4. This video, courtesy of Jenna Nelson. It made me laugh and laugh. They’ve nailed a certain type of male psychology which, in my experience, begins in adolescence:

5. I picked out my Christmas present, and it’s nice to know I’m appreciated:

This creation available at Personalize That.

I’m thinking of ordering it, just for kicks. The ToolMaster has been extra tease-y today and I think I owe him some payback. Don’t you think a picture of his face when I snuggle in for the night would be worth it?

I know I do. 🙂

What’s going on for you today? Any tiny awesomes you’d care to share?

18 thoughts on “Five Things Full of Win – Including an Update on My Barista and Teresa Frohock’s News

  1. All great news; some monumental (book deal and smile from barista) and others even more monumental (pillow) ;). Saw your tweet about feeling grand today…hope you are harnessing all of that awesomness and having yourself a “top 10” day!

    Tiny awesomes for me? Finally started Christmas shopping (though the road ahead is long). Weather is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday (which makes me 10 degrees happier). And, I am almost ready to send my WIP out the door. Scary. Exciting. Teresa’s news is an inspiring kick.

    1. Why would he want one, Jim, when he curls up with the equivalent every night? 😉

      Srsly, the only celeb pillow featuring a woman is Jennifer Aniston. The ToolMaster would not be impressed. If we were talking Farrah Fawcett, however…

  2. LOL, Timothy, you’re having one of my kind of days. To answer your original question, though, no, I haven’t seen that movie in so many years I’ve forgotten about pattycake. Do you care to enlighten me, or will I need to watch the movie?

  3. OMG! I was gone all weekend and just got back online to see this!! Thanks, Jan! I heart you back!

    Oh, and don’t worry–I don’t go for the gross-out, but for the mood. I think you’ll make it through with room to spare. 😉

    Thanks again, you’re the best, and yes, I’ve longed dreamed of being interviewed by The Tart! 😉

  4. Hah — you and your mom remind me of my husband and my dad: they have this ongoing war about who pays when we all go out to eat, and have each gone to great lengths, including bribing waitstaff and covert operations with restaurant owners, to be the one who gets the check.

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