5 Things to Know Before WordPress Freshly-Presses You

Some of you already know I had the good fortune to have WordPress pluck Monday’s post from obscurity, and make it an article on their home page. Heck, some of you even knew before I did and were kind enough to pass the information along. Thank you!

For those curious about the experience, I thought to do a brief post-mortem:

1. You will get traffic. A ton. As in, I’m told Tartitude is well patronized for an unpublished writer’s blog, but I had forty times the hits of a typical Monday. 

2. All those daily variations in your statistics over which you used to agonize? You know: whether a decline in hits reflected a poor title choice? A lame subject? The phase of the moon? They don’t matter any more. Your statistics curve now resembles a worm who swallowed a skyscraper — the awkward way — those old patterns, nothing more than a scar on the worm’s exterior. Minor blog pattern changes will not show up on your graph for a while, until the surge passes, so say goodbye to obsessing.

(Great for you, but poor worm! Especially if he has hemorrhoids. Smilie by GreenSmilies.com )

3. If your policy is to respond to every person that comments, you might want a rethink. People are generous on WordPress. If you’ve left them a question to latch onto, many will reply. Fantastic way to build community, but it’s hard to say “thank you” in sixty fresh ways. (NOT that I’m complaining.)

4. It helps to have a good layout and content, especially a biography page. My blog’s far from perfect, but I’ve revised its format since I was lucky enough to be freshly-pressed in March with a post about British ‘umor. I had far more people roam and linger this time than last. Naturally, most will move on to climes better suited to their needs, but those who return are more likely to stick. They have a clue what they’re getting themselves into.

5. Hang on and have fun! Really. As demonstrated in the goofy photo above, it can feel a little overwhelming; as if you’ve opened the door in your bathrobe and slippers, expecting to find the UPS delivery person or your mom; instead there’s a marching band that bursts into My Heart Goes On — trauma enough, even for a Canadian — and a special someone on bended knee, a ring box in hand.

But on this day you are special. Wooed. Your clothes are warm, have that freshly-laundered smell and the ring sparkles on your finger. Enjoy it before the crickets have chance to regroup in your comment box, because they most likely will. 😉


Have you been lucky enough to be Freshly-Pressed? If so, how did you find the experience?

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14 thoughts on “5 Things to Know Before WordPress Freshly-Presses You

  1. Congratulations on your two-for! (And it’s another great post, by the way.) I doubt I’ll ever be freshly-pressed, because my topics appeal only to a small group of people and I rarely use pictures or videos.

    You also have a very keen mind for words (as any writer should!) and good way with titles. Enjoy your fame, madam, it is richly deserved!

  2. *blushing* Thank you, Teresa. You are good for my ego.

    Insofar as pictures and videos go, I’ve discovered through blogging that I’m a far more visual person than I’d formerly believed. I like the way it makes my blog appear, which is awfully funny, given the clothing I presently wear. Hee. 😀

  3. Congrats again, Tart! ^_^
    I’ve never been Freshly Pressed (hehe. puns…) and doubt I ever will be, since I think they only do that for blogs they actually host (mine is no longer hosted here, I migrated!). But I did have someone with 10,000+ followers re-tweet my blog link once (and say really delightful things about it!) which boosted my hits. I know what you mean about that dithering feeling! I don’t think I took proper advantage of it, but still…it felt awfully nice while it lasted!

    Anyway, congrats again, and hopefully lots of people will stick around for your delightful posts!

  4. I’m not a WordPresser — I’m a TypePader — but I haven’t had the good fortune of being highlighted, as you have. It sounds like a lot of nervewracking fun — loved your analogy of opening the door in robe and slippers. LOL I guess I’ll stock up on potato chips and beverages in the hopes my blog will be the party-of-the-moment one day. Oh, and I’ll ask you to help with the hostess chores since you’re a pro now!

  5. Lia, where did you go? We are no longer Sisters of the WordPress?

    As for taking advantage of it, I’m really not sure how one can, other than to be grateful. That’s so cool you had that experience, though!

    Donna, are you considering starting a blog yet?

    Donna Cummings, ha! A gracious hostess I am not. *brushes crumbs from chair so she can sit* However, if you’ll provide the site and the booze, I’m there. A Padtini? Hee.

  6. I have serious doubts that my rantings would ever get freshly pressed..but that’s ok. I use the section to check out other folks kewl words….

  7. I think that your wealth of links helped you get freshly pressed. There are a lot of lovely resources that you offer your readership. Isn’t that what blogging is supposed to be all about? Helping others, and pointing out other helpful places on the Internet?

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