Game-changer: Why Amazon Will Rule the World

orange heart I madeI’ve said for years that publishers should sell paper versions of books, coupled with an offer to purchase the same book in e-book form at a steep discount. That would appease those of us who’d like to read a book first in paper form, then perhaps pass that book on to a family member or Goodwill while maintaining access to it as an e-book.

Per Digital Book World, via Kindle Matchbook, Amazon has promised to do just that.

Ebooks will cost between $0.00 and $2.99 for enrolled publishers and are available for books you’ve bought back to 1995. What’s more, you’ll be able to bundle print and digital going forward.

Any wonder why Amazon is so dominant?

8 thoughts on “Game-changer: Why Amazon Will Rule the World

  1. When I got my first e-reader, I thought for sure it would cut down on the number of books in the house. It has been the exact opposite — we are all reading more, and then we tend to go out and purchase a physical copy of the books we like best. This seems like a great idea.

  2. I love this concept. I love my e-reader, but I miss touching books. I miss sharing much loved copies with friends and passing along worn covers to be loved by another reader. I don’t miss the shelf clutter (because I still have it). This sounds like the best of both worlds. I hate how much I love amazon sometimes.

    1. Haha. I know exactly what you mean, Kerry Ann. (Or do you prefer to go by “Kerry”?) But resistance is futile in the face of such excellent customer service and forward-thinking.

  3. Squee!!! I have wanted this forever. 😀 Paper pages are my first love, but I’ll happily read/listen in any form that matches my need. You just can’t read a paperback while driving a car.

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