Another Instance of My Good Girl/ Bad Girl Dichotomy (Romance University and Writer Unboxed)

If you regularly read Tartitude, you’re aware that my tone and attitude fluctuate wildly–baffling, I’m certain, to anyone trying to get a quick handle on what they’re up for here if they subscribe. Today will be no different.

I’m guesting in two places today. The first is in a more earnest piece at Romance University. RU is run by two other Cherry Tarts and friends, Jennifer Tanner and Becke Martin Davis, and is a member of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers. I’m so flattered and pleased they invited me to post!

Ozone and Squelching Shoes: What Unexpected Thunderstorms Can Teach about Protecting the Work

And for my regular gig at Writer Unboxed, a lighthearted and fun post in which I name my evil nemesis–you’ll never guess who–and expand on the writerly lexicon:
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6 thoughts on “Another Instance of My Good Girl/ Bad Girl Dichotomy (Romance University and Writer Unboxed)

  1. I’m not baffled, but I’ve been around a while to find it interesting and exciting. Can’t wait to find out the story behind your nemesis (although I don’t doubt her hotheadedness, with the correct motivation). Enjoy the day being in the spotlight in two prestigious places at once, my friend! 🙂

  2. Funny enough, after following this blog after forgetting to come from your old one, I opened–and closed–both of your guest posts after giving just a glance at them.

    You’re better at being at two different places at once than I am.

    I’ll be reading them after dinner.

    1. Well hello there. Your comment was caught in the spam file. Sorry about that.

      Delighted you found me here, though am I to understand my guest posts didn’t interest you??

      😉 Kidding. It’s funny we’d run in parallel circles, though.

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