A Belated Happy Independence Day

American Independence Day

There are more commonalities than differences surrounding Canadians and Americans.  But when it comes to events even remotely political, Canadians don’t begin to match the sheer volume of enthusiasm coming from south of the border.

(During the November election, I heard an interesting opinion about this on the CBC.  The commentator related that difference in fervency to the very manner in which our countries were birthed; ours began after a series of civil, backroom conversations, and yours…didn’t.)

Anyway, a belated happy Independence Day to Tartitude’s American readers!  Whether you celebrated by attending a parade, wrapped yourself in red, blue and white, or merely gorged on sheetcake and watermelon in your backyard with your neighbors, I hope it was an enjoyable one. 



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2 thoughts on “A Belated Happy Independence Day

  1. Is the indepedence related to the split of the Canadians in the USA? I have no knowledge on this Indepedence day, so your insight would be greatly appreciated. Those filled scones look delicious, by the way. 🙂

  2. Ana, thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 Both Canada and the United States were former colonies of Great Britain and had to work hard for their independence. Canada actually remains a member of the Commonwealth.

    If you’re interested in the process, you can read more here:

    American Independence

    Canadian Independence

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