A Post from Deep in the Land of Chaos

Whirlpool in Water

This blog post is an experiment. I don’t have time to take the care I normally do over grammar, punctuation and clarity. (Okay, you may stop laughing now.) Life — she is a slammin’ me with end-of-school-year stuff, packing for weekend Scouting trips, and unexpected chauffeur duties. Of course it’s happening now, right when I’ve found my groove with my work-in-progress. Isn’t that always the case?

I know my kids are feeling it too, because they drag themselves out of bed every morning and only add to the chaos by forgetting crucial events.

Like a lunch twice this week, necessitating a child learning logical consequences through hunger, or a mid-day interruption of my other tasks.

Or fieldtrip and scholarship forms which were due, “Oh my God yesterday, Mom.”

I sense my family isn’t the only feeling frazzled. I think we all could use some good laughs. That’s why I’m enclosing a few links guaranteed to make you smile: 

1. Ze Frank’s video on How to Dance Properly.

2. Don’t miss this one on Ze’s site: When Office Supplies Attack

3. This video’s courtesy of Amy Bai. All you band geeks will get a kick out of it. It’s entitled “Axis of Awesome – 4 Four Chord Song”:

So how about you? Are you feeling bolulated in your discom? If so, what are your tricks for staying grounded?

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6 thoughts on “A Post from Deep in the Land of Chaos

  1. BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice videos! And I HEAR you on the family getting needy just as you hit your groove, that same exact thing is happening at my house. I think it is a defense mechanism. They hear mom’s writing brain click on and worry they will be abandoned forever if they don’t demand things of us NOW.

  2. Oh! videos to watch – I’ll do that will my coffee this morning before I leave to go round the mountains for an event. Chaos – I live it! (I accidentally wrote “I love it” – hmm Freudian slip? haw!)

    1. Holy smokers you’re up early, lady, although if it’s for that writer’s meeting I saw you and Teresa talking about on FB, I can see why. Looks like a lot of fun.

  3. My discom is not only bobulated but severely bent (if not broken). But the Axis of Awesome video made my day – I am still laughing! Especially, you know, married to a musician and all! 🙂

    My husband LOVED it as well. Although, he did point out that those same four chords are also used in 1950s Doo Wop music, so maybe they can do a sequel – great stuff!

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