Liz Michalski’s Prize Allotment! Cover Art! Mommy-Writers!

I haz links and news:

1. The RNG has spoken, and the RNG has picked Deborah Grey to be the recipient of Liz Michalski‘s Evenfall. Congrats, Deborah!

2. The cover fairies want their say, too. This week they gave writing-friend Gretchen McNeil an a-MAZING book cover.

Some of you may recall, as per comments in this post, that Gretchen owns the title “firecracker.” Last year, for instance, in the midst of working and performing as an  opera singer and circus performer, she tossed off a book. It sold very quickly.

It’s a YA horror/paranormal book about a teenaged exorcist, which probably means *I* won’t be able to read it, but I’m happy to brag on her behalf. Look at this cover art:

Isn’t it great? Could you pass that book without feeling compelled to investigate? I know I couldn’t.

To learn more about Gretchen and her debut, follow this link.

3. Still with me? I have two links that made me laugh and laugh about the writing life, particularly as it pertains to being a parent.

The first comes from Jenn Walkup, who is one of the sweetest people I know. She works, has two small boys, and still manages a word count that many a writer could envy. 

In this post, she captures the oft-torn feelings of many a writing parent by giving a chronology of her day.

Lastly, a video by Dee Garretson. (Some of you will recall I interviewed her about her MG thriller, Wildfire Run, back in September.)

With Dee’s blessing and a little inspiration on the part of her family, behold A Writer’s Day.

“We have a room called a kitchen. Sometimes it has food in it…” *snork*

Have you read anything about the parent-writing combo that struck you as particularly brilliant? Have you written a post yourself? Feel free to post a link in the space below.

11 thoughts on “Liz Michalski’s Prize Allotment! Cover Art! Mommy-Writers!

  1. Hi, all. Thanks for stopping by.

    Gretchen and Liz, you are welcome. 🙂

    Liz, I thought you’d find that video appealing.

    Kat, my discombs are frequently bobulated, too. I haven’t been by your place recently, either. Great to see you under any terms.

  2. I won Liz’s book! That’s so exciting. 🙂

    Love Dee’s video. Hysterical…and sadly true. Even my husband could appreciate it.
    Great blog post from Jennifer. (Phew!)
    Of course Gretchen’s cover art is fabulous and compelling.

    Great potpourri of topics today, Jan.

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