Shiny New Word Toy. And Mockery.

If you aren’t a reader of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books – link in my sidebar – then I have to ask, “Why the hell not?”  It’s wicked, profane, and smart, and one of its best  features is the guest-blogging done by Doc Turtle, a mathematician-turned-romance-reader. 

At present he’s dissecting book one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and…how shall I put it?  He isn’t a fan. 

Witness his latest creation:  A Mad Libs generator, JR Ward-style.  Aside from the fact I don’t know my gerunds from my geriatrics, mine turned out pretty decently.  🙂

Wrath opened the door to the sound of punk.  Tohr and Rhage were listening to Pink again.  ‘What is this fuck?’ Wrath demanded.

‘Jivelicious, my brother, it’s just Pink’s new album, Scabbed Turtle.’

 Just then Fritz came in.  With a tray laden with leprous Starbucks partners.

  ‘Jeez, Fritz!’ cried Rhage.  ‘These are fucking grey!’

  Vishous came in, dagger drawn.  ‘The lessers are back.  I caught Mr. X blithely a civilian vampire.  With a fart.’

 ‘Time stomping. Slowly.’ said Wrath.

  ‘Whatever,’ said Rhage.  ‘I don’t care as long as I get picking some pithy trees.’

The only problem I foresee is that someday, that laser-sharp intellect might be trained on a book from yours truly.   A Mad Libs generator, Tartitude-style? *shudder*  Considering the Black Dagger Brotherhood series was my unguilty pleasure for quite a while…

That aside, are there any grammarians in the crowd?  Please explain verb tense to me so I don’t feel to completely inferior.  And if you want to copy and paste your Lib into the comments section below, I’d love to see what this crew can come up with. 😉

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