Musings Whilst Hyped-Up on Cough Syrup

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I’m sick, peeps. It’s just the ‘flu, but as my first in several years, it’s kicking my butt. In fact, were it not for our security system, I might believe we had been overrrun bygremlins, and that they spent the last many hours poking me with the bristle end of a broom. 

I hurt. My fingers hurt. Even the few hairs on my knuckles seem to protest as I type this. They say that they’ve already run a marathon, that you’ll understand if I don’t make my blogging schedule.

But a committment is a commitment right? Even if I eke out this post one…character…at a…time, it will be worth it. <peck>

And there are good things about being slightly hallucinogenic on virus particles. Many of them.

For example:
1. Staying in pink polar fleece jammies until supper is now sensible, not the sign of licentious tendencies and hidden vice.

2. Turns out my Internal Editor is afwaid of getting a wittle viwus. (Heh heh.) I’ll use that to my advantage by “forgetting” to tell him when I’ve recovered. I’ll speak with a muffled voice and exaggerate my nose’s snot production as if it were oil capacity and I, a third-world country’s Minister of Finance. Meanwhile, my word count will soar.

3. Calories don’t count when you’re sick. It’s a known fact.

4. <peck>

5. Now that my throat feels like I chowed-down on razor wire, I have gained new insight into the mind of fire-breathing dragons. This will be singularly helpful if I’m ever called to play one upon stage. I would own that part, peeps. I would emote the emotingest emotion an actor could manage. The audience would weep to see the level of authenticity I’d obtain.

For my next trick on Friday: Zeus impressions. See, that’s not thunder smiting the Earth; just me and my burgeoning cough.

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9 thoughts on “Musings Whilst Hyped-Up on Cough Syrup

  1. Aw, thanks, Dawn! It’s the oddest thing, but the days I assume I’ll write absolute crap I often feel freer to take risks. Even if it amuses no one else but myself, tis fun. 🙂

  2. Number 3 is SO true. Also–if you just eat bites out of the fridge and don’t officially get a plate–they don’t count then, either. Just so you know. 😉

    Feel better soon!

  3. Donna, regretfully it’s more than my neurons that are jiggling. 🙁

    Houndrat, thanks for the info! Gosh, I love getting these tips from you guys. Such a community! 😉

  4. Number 3 is actually a law of physics. I read about it.

    Hope you feel better. I was there last week, and it was wretched. May you get a wonderful word count out of it, at least. 🙂

  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    I don’t think your internal editor is afraid of getting a virus, I think your internal editor is drugged. 🙂

    Fleece is always sensible. It keeps you warm. Just don’t walk outside in your jammies.

  6. Heheheh, Laura. Wore my PJ’s to drive my son to school this morning. Guess he must be used to having a weird mom, because he didn’t even blink. 🙂

    Thanks for your kind wishes.

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