New Digs, Gratuitous Daniel Craig, and Hopeful Writing Links

Couple picnicking

I am master procrastinator, mistress of the citrus.  

I am seriously disturbed.  

As you may have noticed, I have a new blog template, and I’m torn between nostalgia for my stripes and pleasure with my blog’s sleeker new lines. (Perhaps a mentality echoed by my readership, because while a few people have visited, not one said, “Nice digs, Jan. Cool.”)  

In an effort to help us snuggle in, I searched for reassuring images that would scream “romance” “citrus” and “Tartitude”. Naturally, one image rose to the forefront… A certain double-O agent… One whose name must not be allowed to slip from the tag section in my sidebar…  

But look what I did with the poor man, LOL.

Forgive me, oh Photoshop, for I have sinned. Orange should not be used in such a manner. Profuse apologies to Mr. Craig, his handlers, and any members of his legal team while I’m at it. 🙂  

Sidenote: as I’m writing this, look at the photo recommended by WordPress which has the caption “Daniel Craig at the Orange British Academy Film Awards.” *snork*  

Daniel Craig at the Orange British Academy Fil...

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Anyway, a few housekeeping matters:  

1. There’s still time to enter your name into Dee Garretson’s giveaway for WILDFIRE RUN.  

2. Note that Hilary Wagner will be here October 6 for her author interview – I’m certain she’s still coming, and the fact I haven’t yet received her interview answers is an omission soon to be rectified.  

3. It seems like it’s been an unsettling week for many people. If you write, and if keeping hope alive is an important thing, a few helpful links:  

Create Your Own Category – a reminder by Donna Cummings of how to pitch stories if they don’t fit into neat slots. Funny.  

A link pointed out to me by Elizabeth Loupas: The Shrinking Violets on Why You Shouldn’t Give Up. It’s tender, poignant, and career writers made the comment section come alive.  

Lastly, a reminder by the editor of Author Magazine that by becoming hypercritical of others, we become smaller and make our own writing suffer.  

ETA: I’m past the point of left-brain/right-brain conflict, as in, I am no-brained, but I’m always interested in your thoughts. Have you stumbled across any particular links this week you’d like to pass on? Specifically links that will enhance hope? 

15 thoughts on “New Digs, Gratuitous Daniel Craig, and Hopeful Writing Links

  1. I too like the sleek new lines but mourn the lost of the stripes. I have no helpful links to share, but appreciate yours. And I wanted to thank you for the DC droolage.

  2. Jan, thanks to the link on my blog. I will be very happy if my humor adds to the hope quotient. 🙂

    I like your new digs! It took me a while to get used to, but it actually feels a little more energetic somehow, even if I can’t figure out specifically why that is. 🙂 Maybe the white space is the reason. Whatever it is, I like it.

    But if you start moving furniture around. . .LOL

  3. Tracey, I aim to please. (And let’s face it, any day that begins with DC is going to be a good day.)

    Donna, happy to link to you. You write good stuff. As for the furniture, unless I can double glove and don a HAZMAT suit, I think I’ll pass. I know what’s happened with the couch. 😉

  4. Medeia, LOL, what a blog. I love it! Would it be very, very naughty of me to put a special link in my sidebar?

    As to the avatars, yes, I changed the option. There’s a choice of goofy alients, the former cog faces, or several bland options. Do you have a preference. To be honest, your angry face avatar, in particular, bugged me.

  5. I like the sleek lines but I, too, miss the stripes.

    I’ve been hypercritical of everything lately. I have excuses, even some good ones like health, but that doesn’t change anything or take away the responsibility I have. I feel bad but I can’t just post an “I’ll try to be less negative!” comment everywhere I’ve done damage. 🙁

  6. Well, love the digs, but really, you could have pink and purple polka dots and I’d love it because, well, You can do No Wrong in my book, Jan 😀

    Links links links – what do I have on links with hope — hmmmm…..dang . . . can’t think of any but only because I’m feeling too lazy to go look *laugh*

  7. Jess, doesn’t it just extend the state of being critical if you don’t forgive yourself and move on? Make amends as appropriate, for sure, but don’t dwell. Hugs to you. Been there, got the t-shirt to prove it.

    Kat, now you have me blushing. Thank you! That means a lot. Glad you enjoyed the links.

  8. Gratuitous Daniel Craig. Now, that’s what I call creativity. Nice.

    I like the photo of the girls with the oranges. Very fun.

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