Planning Jan is Planning

Man Trying to Balance Various Responsibilities

Soft and limp — not words one typically associates with a romance writer, but this is my reality at present. In terms of the food prepared in the kitchen. On account of Molly’s oral surgery.

Yes, peeps, my daughter had her wisdom teeth extracted on Monday. (Later I’ll do research because it’s not obvious to me why they earned the moniker “wisdom” when they’re teeth which don’t appear to possess evolutionary advantage or be associated with intelligence.) After a few almost-fainting spells, she’s now doing fine. Phew!

Alas, my  neurons and writing schedule aren’t, and the next few weeks promise to bring more chaos. Specifically:

  • a new fridge — fortunate, because yesterday, when I pulled out smoothie ingredients, the bottom two drawers broke; unfortunate in that I’m required to conform to a delivery schedule and clean, and y’all know how I feel about that.
  • bathing-suit shopping (’nuff said)
  • packing for Nationals (that’s the annual conference of the Romance Writers of America for those of you who aren’t aware).
  • an opportunity to meet a lot of awesome people, including writing friends and some of the Unboxed variety (Therese Walsh, Ann Aguirre, possibly also Donald Maass and Barbara O’Neal).
  • a few days at home and then family vacation.

In short, I seek your input. It is possible I will have to time create more formal posts about writing in the next few weeks, but more likely I will not. Which would you prefer? Radio silence, or the Tart as unbaked as she is unboxed? In other words, are you interested in what happens at the RWA Nationals? Or should what happens in Orlando stay in Orlando?

I’m putting in a poll so you can make your preferences known anonymously. Of course, I’m also a comment hoor, so have at it if your thoughts cannot be encapsulated in multiple choice format. Hell, have at it anyway! I’m getting pretty good at this spontaneity stuff if I say so myself. 😉

9 thoughts on “Planning Jan is Planning

  1. I’m leaving a reply rather than voting in the poll, because I must be different. ;-D

    Write a short blurb (if you have time) about something really great that you learned during the day at RWA. (I’m poetic too.)

  2. Having been to quite a few conventions and such over the years, one thing I learned (the hard way) is not to pre-plan or overbook yourself ahead of time. I say leave a lot of room to allow things to happen. Network, learn and above all, ENJOY YOURSELF!

    If you want and have time to give us snippets or updates, great. If you want to write stuff ahead of time and schedule it, especially during the vacation, that’s good too. We can talk amongst ourselves till you get back, LOL! The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the moment!

  3. Donna, as it appears no one exactly hates the idea of a “report from the front line”, I will provide them as I’m able. No vlogs, though. Uh-uh, no way to them. 😉

    Glinda, you’d probably approve of my plans. I have a few days before and one day after the conference to decompress, and aside from one evening that’s specifically planned, everything else is flexible. I don’t think the prewriting is going to happen — just too much to do. As for fun, yes, I plan to grab me a good chunk of that. 😉 I’m looking forward to meeting people I’ve known online for a bit now.

  4. So am I to understand RWA has a swimsuit competition? *shifty*

    Seriously, though–just a blurb now and again about cool stuff that happens or you learn, or pictures of agents drinking heavily that we can use to blackmail them into representation… those are the things I’m interested in. (HAVE FUN!)

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