Polls Galore at the Tartitude

I could provide you with backstory, but you people are bright.  So make like a constituent and vote, will ya?

And lastly,

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15 thoughts on “Polls Galore at the Tartitude

  1. Each and everyone of these has been an issue at my house at one time or another. If shampoo bottles is a category that includes body wash bottles, it still is an issue (and all the children have left the house, if you get my drift…).

    Maybe I should save this for PostSecret, but I have to confess that I have actually changed the direction of the toilet paper roll when a guest in someone else’s home. Many years ago, advice columnist Ann Landers actually had someone write in and ask the proper direction for the roll,so this is a fairly common issue, I think. I have screamed so much on this topic that the whole family now knows the proper way to install the roll.

    The toilet seat? Still up for grabs. Good luck with that one!

  2. OMG, that was hilarious! You know, I used to not even *think* about which way to do the toilet paper until that question came up at a couples shower. Now I obsess with it being “over.” Hubs? Well, let’s just say, back at the frat house, he used to cut up old socks when he ran out….

    We have a gazillion little bottles in the shower yet no shampoo (all my doing)….but in my defense, kidlets like to play with them in bath.

  3. Hahaha, Glinda, in my super-reliable, very scientific Twitter poll, there were a few people like yourself who had to sit on their hands rather than “correct” their host/hostess. What was the Ann Landers response, btw?

    Sigh. I must confess I doubt I’ll change anyone’s behavior with this poll. (Especially the toilet seat issue.) Thought we could all have some fun regardless. 🙂

    Houndrat, OMG! Socks?

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