Survey on Author Interviews

While Sophie Masson handles the difficult task of selecting a winner and two runners-up from the Mary Stewart contest, would you like to help me with some research? This 8-question survey should not take more than 5 minutes, but I’d be grateful for your time and input. I’m using the responses for several things:

  • My own learning as an interviewer and hopeful future interviewee
  • To put the finishing touches on a two-part post for Writer Unboxed, meant to be a resource on interviewing (will air June 11 and 12th)

If you have feedback that doesn’t fit within the poll, please leave it in the section designated as “other”, in the comment section below, or if it’s of a confidential nature, please e-mail me.

Because I would like to increase validity, the more responses the better. Please pass the word to other writers. Thank you so much!

ETA: Survey results are completely anonymous, even to me, so please feel free to be honest. If you select “other”, it’s very helpful if you can specify.

21 thoughts on “Survey on Author Interviews

  1. The more you get out to interact with people and learn to promote yourself and your work without coming across like an advert, the easier the interviews become. When you stay familiar with your own work you shouldn’t have too many problems with ‘hard’ questions. My first book interviewer asked for an explanation of whether or not my book was porn because of the title–a question I hadn’t even considered but had to field with some humor.

  2. I definitely find interviewing worse than BEING interviewed. The toughest piece is that I want to be prepared (which often means reading their book) and in the case of ‘famous’ people, my fear of sounding like an idiot.

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