Tart Unplugged

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I love the Internet. I do. Without all the resources and communities it puts at my fingertips, I don’t think I’d be writing even as well as I do at present, or feel so connected to the writing community. Those of you who know me in any sense get how important those things are to me.

But every once in a while, I yearn  to be unplugged. I’ve hit that point, peeps. My brain is filled with my work-in-progress, as it should be, the words that belong to that manuscript are effervescent and need to be captured, and I can’t do it while hooked up to the ‘net.

That’s why I have no real blog post today. Sorry. Back to regular programming Monday, hopefully with another few chapters under my belt.

Until then, may you be health, happy, and find your citrus supply from environmentally friendly purveyors.

7 thoughts on “Tart Unplugged

  1. I think that “unplugged” little mini-staycations are going to become more important to all of us as the world gets more and more online. I have been trying to take Saturdays as a more-or-less unplugged day. Of course, then I just clean house, so I am not sure I’m getting all that much out of it, LOL!

    Enjoy your internet free writing time!

  2. Jan, I am having an easier time unplugging myself now that the spring/summer weather is around. It’s hard to stay indoors, staring at a screen, when the sunshine keeps saying, “Come outside and play”. LOL I’m used to writing on my laptop, but after the gruelling winter months, I’m ready to take a pen and notepad and go enjoy the change of scenery. I think my creative muses like it too!

  3. I’ve been feeling that way for weeks now, so I understand your pain. Nothing is getting done on my manuscript and I think I’m going to have to hide in a cave for awhile. 🙂

  4. Thanks, all, for commenting. Sounds like I’m not the only one struggling with a connectivity/productivity schism.

    If you’re following this post, the next one, chronologically, is to pool ideas on achieving better balance. I’ve incorporated some of your suggestions.

    Glinda, I like the idea of an Internet Sabbath, as it were.

    Donna C, I actually do quite well on paper and pen!

    T, you got your beta feedback then, I bet. Good luck with revisions.

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