“That’s Former Dr. Tart to You”

Fooled you, didn’t I? How many of you think I wore a lab coat in my practice or insisted my patients called my “doctor”?

Never mind. We can discuss that later.

Zesties, I don’t talk much about my former life as a family doctor on this blog. You get hints, dribbles and subtext. If you’re interested in knowing more—specifically about my philosophy and background—I’ll direct you to a guest post I’ve written.

Dr. Mitchel Singularis is an emergency physician. His blog, Physicians Non-Clinical Guide, is dedicated to broadening doctors’ ideas of their place in the world. (ie. Is there life outside of medical practice?)

To that end, at his kind invitation, I wrote: Yearning for a Writing Career? 11 Skills You Acquired in Medical School That Will Help in the Publishing World

Hope you can join us.

PS: Red Tash, you were the winning commenter of Lisa Brackmann’s Getaway. Congratulations! Lisa will be in touch to make mailing arrangements, etc. Thanks to all who participated.

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