The Fruit of My Loins Speaks

Okay, there are probably two people who are going to kill me when they see this post, but I thought it was too precious to waste.  Remember how I was in Jasper just a week ago?  Well my husband, who spent many a day of his youthful family vacations on bike trips, just took my daughter back for their second annual biking holiday.  In case you missed it the first time, Jasper is NOT flat.  They went over fifty-nine kilometers the first day (about forty two miles)  on this kind of terrain:

Hill in Jasper





When they realized that repeating this three more times was a little ambitious, they returned.  Here’s the e-mail I got.

(From my husband)

M and I are still alive and well and back in Jasper.  So we did 120 KM.  The coming back part was a breeze compared to the going there part.  UP UP UP UP UP UP flat UP UP UP wind in your face.  The coming back part was down down down wind at your back but some up up up.  Much easier.

We are going to try our bikes around Jasper without the extra hundred pounds of *@#! on them, and  then we are going to have a nice dinner

PS… I kicked M’s ass

(From my daughter)

Okay, my turn now… for your information, he did anything but kick my ass… The only reason he feels he has the right to say he did is  because the second day was downhill, and with the extra weight, yes, he probably beat me… But on the first day (can I say my whole work-out regimen really worked) I kicked his ass, and probably biked half an hour less for all the time I spent waiting for him. (This fact will be proved by our speedometers).  And yes, the way back was a walk in the park comparatively.

PS:  You really need to check out Dad’s leg muscles… Sometimes, I swear:    LIFE IS NOT FAIR! Two freaking days and he has more muscles then I could probably get if I worked like this for a month straight.  Oh wait, I did work for a month straight.  Well, Dad’s reading over my shoulder and chuckling and the sign says that we only have the computer for 15 minutes, so I’m gonna go now.  Dad says he might bike to work on Tuesday, I say we hold him to it.  Love you and ttyl 🙂 <3

M (and I guess P too)

Ha!  I love it.  And lest any of you are wondering, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  (I mean my daughter ribbing my husband for all she’s worth.)

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9 thoughts on “The Fruit of My Loins Speaks

    1. Oh, agreed! This is our last summer with her before the demands of work and university descend. I know that’s one of my husband’s motivations behind going with her. This is a memory which they’ll never forget.

  1. You have to save that email! I’ve just been going through some old journals and I’m sooo glad I wrote down some things like this. It sounds like you all have a great relationship! My son, both of my brothers and my sister-in-law bike all the time. Me? Not so much. (Obviously.)

  2. Becke, I’m a walker more than a biker myself. And yes, I’m extraordinarily lucky as a mother and wife that our nuclear family seems to work for us. (Witness the UNLAWFUL COMMENT ABOVE THAT WAS MADE WITHOUT PERMISSION, yet I’m taking this as creative playfulness instead of handing out a punishment.)

    Unless you’d prefer that, hope’s daughter. 🙂

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