The Late, Silly, and Not-New-Years Post in Which I Wax Enthusiastic about Several Things

I know today’s the day I should be analyzing what went well this year and where I want to go in 2011, but to tell the truth, “reflective” is a state I hit quite often. Probably hourly, in fact.

Instead, I’m feeling the need to play and be in the moment, which is why you won’t see any Best of Tartitude lists for a few days and why I’ve been offline most of this week. I needed that. Want to know what I’ve been doing?

1. Visiting the hospital, where MIL continues to improve.

This may not seem playful, but it’s turned into time to connect with extended family I haven’t seen in a while; time to revel in the lore of the O’Haras, which is generally lively, raunchy, and filled with humor and sly digs.

In other words, I’ve been with my peeps.

2. Reading

Instead of eyeing it warily and feeling like I’m compromising every time I open it, I’ve made friends with my Kindle for sure, this Christmas.

One thing that has helped is a website I learned of through another writer which compares e-readers, called Kindle Review. If you subscribe, OMG, make sure you put it on daily digest. They post three or four times a day, and a lot of it’s repetetion and conjecture. BUT, they often alert their readers to free Kindle books with high ratings. I’ve discovered a few new authors that way.

3. Speaking of new authors…

Magdalen B of Promantica recommended one Carolyn Crane a while back, so I’d put the latter on my TBR list. A few days ago, I started Ms. Crane’s first book, MIND GAMES. Within less than twenty-four hours, I had finished it and book two in her Disillusionist series, DOUBLE CROSS.

I don’t read a ton of urban fantasy, but these books have everything I enjoy in that genre:

  • creativity from premise to execution
  • psychological depth
  • an intriguing and edgy urban landscape
  • amazing worldbuilding
  • characters I want desperately to win because they are flawed, real, and face daunting obstacles while struggling with their heroism.

My only problem with the books is that they are a trilogy, and book two ends on a cliffhanger I’m not happy to live with for an extended time, especially since the release date for book three hasn’t been announced. *wrings hands* *stomps foot* Know what, though? I’ll handle it. The books are that good.

Please check them out. Carolyn’s website is here.

I heart her writing so much I’d be planting myself on her metaphoric doorstep, wanting to interview her, except I’m already overcommitted in that sense.

4. Mosaic Art

Lest you ever wondered whether I, Janice O’Hara, am truly made of dorkiness, look at what Molly and I made:

Yes, my peeps, those are bread ties arranged on the kitchen table. After, we covered them with the cut glass we’ve used to protect the table’s surface for these last many years.

I think it’s safe to say I luf it. 😉 In fact, I have luffed mosaic art since I first discovered its magnificence when we studied the Byzantine Empire in middle school, and that it’s made from something so prosaic makes it even sweeter.

So, what have you folks been up to? Are you in a reflective, goal-setting mood or are you living in the moment? And if you made any odd art projects of late yourself, care to describe them?

14 thoughts on “The Late, Silly, and Not-New-Years Post in Which I Wax Enthusiastic about Several Things

  1. Stopping by here this morning with my cup of coffee has me sitting here with a goofy grin plastered — that’s just what you do to me Miz Tart! 😀 …..

    Okay, that’s it – I just gotta get a Kindle … it’s not traitorous at all – did I just spell traitorous correctly ..meh, whatever! … it’s New Year’s morning – I can be forgiven anything …

    *muwah!* happy new year!

    1. Ditto, Kathryn. I’ve put it off long enough (waiting for the newest latest debugged version), but it’s time, so I’m going Kindling this year. Anyways, what kind of hopeful writer can I be if I keep ignoring the inevitable. LOL! Happy new year, Kathryn, and all.

    2. My son, Matt and his girlfriend, Danni, gave me a Kindle for Christmas and I love it. I don’t have a lot of room in my small house for very many books, yet I have a large collection. The Kindle helps me to explore more books and store them. At first I wasn’t sold on the idea of a Kindle because I love books, I like the feel of a book in my hands. Now that I have one, I can see all the benefits of it.

  2. Jan, I’m finally settling in and getting a sense of this site and your . . . em . . . tartful posts. I know I’m off topic, but just want to say “thanks” because it’s one of the most sensible, helpful sites I’ve followed this year. As 2011 arrives, I want to make sure that I thank all who’ve contributed to a happy and productive 2010, and you’re one of those people. Thanks so much.

  3. I suppose if I were posting on Facebook, it would look something like this:
    Jan and her Kindle are now friends.
    Glinda likes this.
    As the resident Kindle evangelist, I am happy to see people ready to give it a try. While ereaders offer a different reading experience, there are benefits that can be amazing once you give the device a chance.
    Of course, it may involve re-thinking a few things, as this website shows:

  4. Doh, I forgot to wish you all a Happy New Year. I trust that was implied!

    Kelly, thank you. We’ve been saving the bread ties for three years and biannually adjust the arrangement as it grows. Silly but fun. 🙂

    Kat, “mwwwaaa!” back. Did you know SWEETIE is one of the free ones, although it’s not available in Canada for that promotion? (I have it in print already, but thought it might be nice to have on my Kindle, too.)

    Mary, oh, you made me sniffly. Thank you! I’ve very much enjoyed getting to know you a bit this year. Wishing us all a productive, happy and healthy 2011!

    Carolyn, LOL, my pleasure! I figured you’d pardon another fangrl squee. 🙂 Keep writin’, lady.

    Glinda, “fresh and pulpy”? Hee. My kind of site. And yes, I think you should claim that title, “resident Kindle evangelist”. Suits you to a T. 😉

    1. LOL! Funny you should mention that! Actually, I have been working on just that very thing. Two of the projects I have been working are new blogs: The eBook Evangelist and Glinda Reads. Both deal with my passion for ebooks and the Kindle. Does that count as claiming the title?

  5. So glad you’ve had some family time and reading time and I ALSO LURF your dorky mosaic, and love even more that you have a daughter willing to engage in such activities with you!!! (my kids are still too young to embrace their inner geeks)

  6. Cool mosaic! And I’m glad your MIL is mending.

    I’m more “do” than “think” right now. I cleaned out my closet–no, not strong enough. I overhauled, I transformed, I backed up the bulldozer and carved out chunks of compacted denim and cotton and closet floor debris. The only downside is I believe I removed a significant layer of insulation.

    Hey, have fun with your Kindle! And happy new year.

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