The What’s-Going-on-with-Hope Post (Unveiled Threats)

Portrait of a Bouncer With a Knuckle Duster on His Fist


First, I should like to announce that I am beginning a charitable endeavour. Yes, folks, I am now accepting donations for eyeglasses, which are needed desperately for all male occupants of a mid-city high school that’s a twenty-minute drive from my home. Would any of you care to contribute? To one young man in much more need than the others?

Next, I require a team of neurosurgeons to descend on that estimable location and remove some bones from some heads. Please note, I’m not being particularly fussy about qualifications for this crew. If you know of anyone who might have read an article about the brain in Scientific America in 1987 or earlier, or who mostly remembers to wash their hands after going to the bathroom, I’m confident we can work something out. Please have them contact me at

Then, I need to thank my brother, brother-in-law, and husband, who have banded together to reassure someone close to me that she is loved and protected. They might not be as overtly intimidating as the dude in the above image, but a Certain Someone will still know a moment of fear. Picture this: three shaggy-haired males, all six feet or taller. When they stand side-by-side, you might be forgiven for comparing their width to that of the Rocky Mountain range. And now they are looking at you with narrowed gazes, their hands subtly clenched at their sides, three jaws grinding in unison making such a terrible, horrible, ominous sound that you are convinced you are in the path of an avalanche, and not simply Meeting the Family by Pure Random Chance.

Other that these three things, I don’t have much news. Too swept up in the feel-good holiday feelings and tasks to do much else, you know?

How about you? What’s going on in your world?

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