Three Hunks and a Poll

Young man in kitchen, by blender, smoothie spilt on shirt, portrait

This morning, if I were a bullet type, I’d be buckshot; should I attempt to make a smoothie, I’d forget the lid. In other words, peeps, my thoughts are scattered.

And why fight it? We’re good enough buds by now I can say that without apologizing.


So, in the spirit of staying loose and goofy, in which we really have more fun anyway…

1. A link, which is fab, and which — if you write romance or use it as a subplot in your fiction — you’d be wise to read. The only thing Laurie Hutzler gets wrong in discussing three recent romantic comedies, and why they left you feeling “meh” rather than “wow”, is her failure to mention The Gerard’s failure to show much flesh as of late. (What’s up with that?)

Since one leading man did get it right in his particular movie, I offer the following:


Oh, yeah. Now that’s what I’m talking about, babee! (A prisoner demanding appropriate medical care, as is his right. Sheesh? What did you think I meant, people?)

How’s about this one?

Um… I have no justification for that picture other than it pleases me.


2. If you like the character-based approach to writing fiction, while you’re at her website, sign up for Laurie Hutzler’s newsletter. Stat! ← that’s Latin for “What are you waiting for? Christmas?”

3. My dreams would like you to know that should you feel the need to stand in a puddle and wrap your arms around an unknown bonneted woman, circa 1846; and should a horse and buggy appear on the ridge above you, then swerve sharply left to approach you with a clatter of horseshoes on stone, and a jangle of jangly harnesses, you will need a real fireplace poker with which to fend them off.

There will be none of this html code-based stuff.

4. Last, but not least, the vast awesomeness of the Laura Kinsale interview — with its cherry of fantasticness — has not gone to my head. That is why I come to you, the Tart Nation, with a question:

I’m thinking of starting a new tradition, but to be frank, I’m worried I might come across as too…modest.

So let’s say I instituted an Ask the Tart day, where you folks — the readers — had the chance to ask me — that would be me — some questions. Would that interest you?

Would you take an advantage of such an opportunity? 

Please take a moment to consider your response, then select one of the following options. And thank you in advance for your contribution to science!

What about you folks? Any random observations you’d like to contribute to the conversation?

10 thoughts on “Three Hunks and a Poll

  1. I voted for couch bouncing. 🙂

    I would like to observe that there is slightly less oxygen in the air on Monday mornings. This is the only explanation for my state of general confusion and sleepiness.

    I would also like to observe that eyecandy #2’s abs look like they taste like cinnamon sugar cookies. Please reference observation #1 if you find this statement less than logical.

  2. My only REAL question, is why is that prisoner wearing pants!? <– note the interrobang. It's an IMPORTANT question. (you know how I feel about pants)

    Seriously though… in all our symmetrical tartish meanderings, I've debated an advice blog of sorts, but I started a blog opera instead, so I'm glad you're doing it!

  3. “Interrobang” – bwahahaha. Is this special Tart terminology, or should I have heard it before?

    And Hart, shhh, don’t tell anybody, but I was joking about the Ask the Tart bit. I got out of the advice-giving biz a while back, so if you want it, have at it! 🙂

  4. The interrobang is REAL! I swear! Though it IS tartish, isn’t it? I keep waiting for one on my keyboard, but no such luck yet…

    Maybe we could do joint advice at some point… I’m currently in the market for a time turner, and once I’ve acquired one, we can work out details. How’s that!?

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