Urban Fantasy – Alberta-Style

Peeps, between emptying my inbasket — 13 items remaining and I absolutely deny the power of symbolism in that number — and kid stuff, my amazing, groundbreaking post that will shatter all preconceptions you ever carried about the power of blogging…is not ready.

However, I have two things to share that made me supremely happy this week.

1.  A sighting of that ravenous beast otherwise known as the ToolMaster. At present, he looks tamed, content and downright jumpable. Be not fooled!

ToolMasters are highly unpredictable creatures. This one, if startled, has been known to locate a hose within seconds — no, not that one, people, so you can get your minds out of the gutter — and subject his offender to a head-to-toe soaking. Also, he tickles.

Also, he has this really annoying habit of jiggling your appendage when it is numb and floppy after a nap, then laughing.

2. A video brought to my attention by an uber-published romance writer, and fellow Albertan, Carolyne Aarsen. It’s a spoof on the Single Ladies video by Beyonce.


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