Writer Unboxed Redirect and MISERERE Giveaway Results

Greetings, all. I have returned from the mountainous wilds of Canada. I have been fortified by a family holiday.

One of these two statements is true, but in this brief post I won’t be revealing which.

Today I’m at Writer Unboxed with High on the Hill Strode the Whining Writer, which is a much-improved version of my sixth grade essay entitled “What I Learned on My Summer Holidays.” Hope some of you can join me.

In addition, neither Teresa Frohock nor I forgot! Vaughn Roycroft was the happy winner of er MISERERE, which I’m pleased to say since earned a starred review from the Library Journal. Congratulations to both Teresa and Vaughn.

Lastly, I will be back with a post for sure this week. Before my holiday, I overscheduled myself, what with packing, interviews and so on. I’m not going to do that again, which means I’ll have time for Tartitude.

What? You can stop with the cynical laughter any time now…

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