Writer Unboxed Redirect: Lost Touch with Your Story World?

When my book’s characters fell silent I couldn’t give up on them. Here’s a compilation of ideas on how to re-enter your story’s world.

How to Restore a Character’s Voice When They Develop Laryngitis

Hope you can join us and add to the list!

10 thoughts on “Writer Unboxed Redirect: Lost Touch with Your Story World?

  1. Excellent ideas, Jan. As someone who switched formats (from author to screenwriter) I find my characters are more writer friendly, possibly due to the requirement of leaving so much of the story open to creative interpretation for actors, directors, etc. IE, you have to mostly write action and dialogue with concise description. When a character falls silent I must find him quickly because he’s up to something.

    I recently downloaded a professional screenwriting format program. It doesn’t play well with Word, so the rewrite is in progress. It’s amazing how much it’s already improved the story. The characters seem happier, except for the villain who’s gotten much worse.

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