Writer Unboxed Redirect: What Do Gynecology and Writing Have in Common?

Whelp, I’m alive. I won’t lie; last week was rough with dental problems in three O’Hara family members and other things a-happening. Fortunately, this week promises to be more typical.

Let me begin it by thanking Victoria Mixon, who made a wonderful first guest blogger.

Likewise, thank you to Jane Friedman who kindly laid to rest a long-term concern of mine. For the past year I’ve worried about using O’Hara as my writing name due to the apostrophe, which codes differently according to the platforms I’m using. My questions meant I had to hold off certain decisions, like claiming my personalized Facebook profile. Happily, in Jane’s post, and then a reference by one of her commenters, Caleb J. Ross, I was reassured and given strategies.

Lastly, I hope you’ll join me today on Writer Unboxed for my monthly post, entitled 14 Subtle Signs Your OBGYN Might Not Make a Good Critique Partner

2 thoughts on “Writer Unboxed Redirect: What Do Gynecology and Writing Have in Common?

  1. Jan, thank you for hosting me last week!

    And I want you to know by the time I checked in with Writer Unboxed today I had totally forgotten you told me you were the author of today’s post, so when I saw that header I thought, Holy cow, someone knows how to grab a reader’s attention.

    I laughed out loud when I saw it was you!

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