A Note to My Zesties (+ Writer Unboxed Redirect)

shockSince yesterday was Easter, it seems fitting to make today’s post about two instances of resurrection.

First, it’s time to breathe life back into this blog, which I let go quiet in order to finish drafting a novella. (More on this later when I have definitive news.) The longer I let the silence drag on, the more I felt I needed to have the perfect idea to bring to you folks. Yet when a lightbulb moment arrived, I’d think, “No, Jan, you need to save this for when you have a real announcement.” With neither the confidence of a big insight nor the ease of ongoing communication, it was far too easy to let the weeks slip away.

But as Dan Blank kindly reminded me in his blog post, Who Reads Your Work Matters More Than How Many, my expectations of what my readers want are likely askew. Time to dump this all-or-nothing paradigm.

Second, I’m up on Writer Unboxed today talking about a time when I craved a rebirth in a key relationship. If you’re a writer, I think it’s one of my better posts on craft. If you’re not, that’s okay; it contains a very personal story which I hope you’ll find inspiring and useful.

Hint: it explains why this is not a story:

But THIS is:

Hope to see you at Cultivate the Gap and Watch Your Readers’ Eyebrows Bounce.

Yours in full Zestitude,


PS: While I’m catching you up on news, here are two other WU posts I haven’t previously mentioned.

There Are No Mwuahaha Villains in the Artistic Life — about the Canadian painter, Mary Pratt, and how she’s a model of artistic resilience.

Songs on Surviving the Midlist: from Opera Singer, Circus Performer & Novelist, Gretchen McNeil — probably self-explanatory, but features a firecracker.

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